10 Fabulous Fall Wedding Ideas

    You can't deny that fall colors and designs have a signature look that is both aesthetically pleasing to the eye and comforting to the soul. They remind people of the upcoming holidays, ginger spiced drinks by the fireplace, and spending rainy days indoors with loved ones. If you are planning on having a fall wedding, consider mixing in fall motifs and specialty food items to complement the season. Here are some of our favorite fall wedding ideas that you can decorate your event venue with:

    Burnt Orange Everywhere

    Burnt orange is a color that immediately reminds people of fall. The beauty of this color scheme is that many other colors complement it. Green, purple, or brown all work nicely with burnt orange, as does yellow. All of these choices work with burnt orange for that fall wedding vibe; it really just comes down to personal preference. For example, If you don't want your bridesmaids' dresses to be burnt orange, you can choose between those other complementary colors for the dresses and be able to maintain the autumn touch to your wedding.

    Outdoor Venue

    If you are planning on having a fall wedding, embrace the theme and consider having your wedding outdoors. Eventup has a number of outdoor wedding venues to choose from. Depending on where you are, it may be chilly, so take that into consideration when picking a venue. However, you can still find a venue that has both indoor and outdoor accommodations. Being surrounded by the skeletons of trees, while their leaves cover the ground will surely put romance in the air. The best part about having an outdoor venue for a fall wedding is that you may not need as many decorations as you would an indoor wedding, since the surrounding nature will be the focus of your décor.

    White Pumpkins

    Cinderella went to the ball in a white pumpkin carriage and it was nothing short of elegant. White pumpkins are great for decorations and since they are not those bright orange pumpkins so closely associated with Halloween, they will still stay true to the fall theme while not overpowering your décor with such a bright color. Whether you use the pumpkins to decorate every table or merely space them out sporadically throughout the wedding venue, they will be a quaint, fall touch to your wedding, can be matched with anything, and are also very affordable.

    Leaves, Leaves, and Leaves

    Orange, brown, yellow, and red leaves on the ground is one of the key indicators that fall is on its way. They also make for easy decorations! You can either use real leaves or purchase faux fall-colored leaves and sprinkle them around centerpieces. You can also use them as place cards for table settings by merely writing a guest's name on the leaves with white marker (see above). This is another great fall wedding decoration that is good for the budget!

    Pinecone Décor & Place Holders

    Pinecones are another fall staple that is sure to transform your wedding into a full-fledged, autumn extravaganza. You can either use pinecones in your table centerpieces or use them to create place holders for your guests. The best thing about pinecones is that they are extremely easy to find, come in both small and large sizes, and are extremely affordable.

    Pumpkin and Apple Flavored Food + Drinks

    There is no doubt that the best part about the fall and winter seasons is the food. The fact that pumpkin flavored items are only available for a limited amount of months make it all the more special. There are many recipes that are very fitting for a fall wedding. For those looking to forego the traditional wedding cake, consider this delectable pumpkin praline trifle, pictured above. This item consists of layers of vanilla and pumpkin pudding and a praline crumble. Additionally, the presentation of this dessert is beautiful and will be a treat to the eye and taste buds for you and your guests!

    Another amazing recipe for your fall wedding is this pumpkin mousse, which is adorably placed in a hallowed out pumpkin. This recipe is not only a tasty dessert, but it is also a very festive decoration. Apple cider is another big fall drink that would be an amazing treat at your wedding, especially if your wedding venue is outdoors and those cool fall freezes come into play. This drink pairs perfectly with the above desserts and is great for kids too!

    Have you been to a fall wedding or are you currently planning one? What are some of your favorite fall decorations and recipes? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter. For other wedding ideas, check out our Pinterest boards.