21st Birthday Ideas

    Turning 21 is an epic event, one of the milestone birthdays we all look forward to or remember with nostalgia. Yes, you’ve been an adult since you were 18, but turning 21 marks the day when you can legally walk into a bar and order a drink in the United States. And for most young adults, this is hands-down the most exciting birthday ever. Not quite sure how you want to celebrate the big 2-1? Check out our 21st birthday ideas for a little inspiration.

    Las Vegas

    What better way to celebrate your 21st birthday than by taking a little trip to Las Vegas? Grab a couple of your closest pals, book a room and a flight, and escape for a weekend in Sin City! Walk the strip, gamble, and party the night away in one of the many clubs on the strip. As a tip, you can usually get VIP service and a table reservation at any of the clubs just by calling ahead of time and requesting it. If you’re on a tight budget, buy your booze at a grocery store and store it in your hotel room. That way you can just go to the room when you need a refill and set out again to explore rather than buying expensive drinks at the casinos. Just remember to be safe, watch your drinks, and use the buddy system; never walk the strip alone or separate from your friends at the clubs.

    If Las Vegas is out of the question, you could always throw a Las Vegas theme party in your hometown. Rent a cool event space and deck it out with Las Vegas decorations. See if you can recruit any friends to be card dealers and set up some blackjack tables in your event venue to add a little entertainment to the night.

    Private Table at Your Favorite Local Club

    Getting a private table at your favorite local club is a great way to celebrate your 21st birthday! Not only do you get waited on hand and foot by the club staff, you also don’t have to worry about cleaning up after the party. Most clubs offer bottle service for private tables so you don’t have to be going up to the bar and ordering drinks all the time. You can usually also decorate your private table as you see fit as long as it doesn’t interfere with the DJ booth or other items in the venue space.

    As a tip, make sure you ask the club staff how many people you are allowed to have at your private table. That way you don’t invite too many friends along and run into any trouble with capacity. Be sure there is a little champagne and plenty of water to go around.

    Party Bus

    Here’s typically how a party bus works: It’s basically like a limo, but cheaper. Alcoholic drinks are allowed on the bus as long as everyone on the bus is 21 or older. Most party buses will pick everyone up at one location and drop them all back off at that same location at the end of the night. You get to plan the itinerary as far as where the bus takes you which is great for people who want to visit many places in one night. Some party buses will even accommodate special requests such as meals and decorations, but you typically have to do all of this yourself (staff generally does not help with this).

    House Party

    One of the classic 21st birthday ideas is to have a house party! You have the ultimate freedom of decorations, food, drinks, and guest list by throwing a house party. Come up with some basic house rules and post them by the front door so all your guests see them as they walk in. Also, be really careful to collect everyone’s keys and don’t let anyone drink and drive. If necessary, have everyone crash at your house to keep them safe.

    What other fun 21st birthday ideas do you have? Feel free to share with us by leaving a comment below, on Facebook or Twitter!