3 Simple Ways to Make Your Event Family Friendly

    Sometimes you need to throw an event with no kids allowed, but when you can it’s nice for people with children to be able to bring them along with the reassurance that they’ll have a good time. This just takes a little forward planning, and hopefully the kids can leave the adults to chat in peace while they have a brilliant time doing their own thing.

    For your menu, remember that kids pretty much hate all of the things that you love. Include some basics, like finger food and mini-pizzas (hopefully with some vegetables sneakily included in the sauce) so that you don’t have any hungry little humans at your party

    Provide some films and board games, or even hire an entertainer like a clown or Disney Princess to keep the kids busy

    Consider a ‘Kids Corner’ full of games and activities, so that kids feel at home, and their parents can keep a watchful eye from a distance.

    Keeping the whole family involved is a sure-fire way to win points with your client, as childcare can be difficult to organize. As long as you think a little ahead, the event can be fun for everyone.