4 More Reasons to Host Your Next Event in DC

    Washington, D.C. has long been revered as the home of our country’s capital, the brains behind this whole American operation. But D.C. is a great place for more than inaugurations and turkey pardons (though it is a wonderful place for both those things); the city is fast becoming one of the greatest places to host your next event! Now that your favorite website for finding a venue offers access to venues in the District of Columbia, it’s time to consider just why you should be headed there for your next big event.

    Great for Tourists: Remember eighth grade, when your class went on a school trip to D.C. and everyone posed for a photo in front of the capitol? Wasn’t that the most fun you’d ever had in school? Doesn’t it rank pretty high in your best academic memories even now? Some might attribute the fond memories to your friends, the excitement of an out-of-state field trip, being away from your parents for probably the first extended period of time, but those folks would be forgetting one thing: the city. D.C. is a great location for tourists. Between the historical monuments, the huge political havens, and the perfectly-manicured lawns that abound in Washington, your guests will never run short of sights to see.

    Great for Going Out: Washington D.C.’s nightlife might not seem thrilling when you first consider it – after all, what fun could a bunch of statesmen and senators be, right? But with a number of colleges in the area like AU and Georgetown, the city’s nighttime scene is far more vibrant than you might’ve thought. Concert venues and clubs are hugely popular event spaces that you’ll find in the city, and once your event winds down, the city will still be there for your partying pleasure!

    Great for Entrepreneurs: This is a biggie for corporate event planners: Washington, D.C. has got a booming community for startup companies. With events like D.C. Entrepreneurship Week and organizations like Endeavor D.C. in your corner, it’s not hard to see how booking an event or conference in the capitol. Also, the transient nature of area and central location to other major east coast cities (only one hour from Baltimore, two from Richmond, four from Pittsburgh and New York), the possibilities for networking really are endless.

    Now, the question is: where will you book your next D.C. event? Check out our venues, and visit Facebook or Twitter to tell us just why it is you love D.C.!