5 Best Movie Inspired Wedding Themes

    Trying to find a theme for your wedding, but don’t know where to start? Picking a theme and a wedding venue early on makes it easier to plan out your invitations, music, attire, food and drinks, and activities. Don't panic if you're stumped on a theme; this is normal and we are here to help! Weddings in movies are a great way to get inspired for your very own special day. Here are some great movie themed wedding ideas that will make your special night even more special and “wow” your guests when they see your creative style.

    1. Father of the Bride

    Are you a homebody, or just into the more casual side of life? If you want to get married in a "home" venue, try something similar to the wedding in Father of the Bride. Hold your wedding reception at a residential venue like the the backyard of your home or someone else’s that you know. Just because it’s a backyard wedding doesn’t mean that it won’t be beautiful! You can put your own creative touch on decorations based on the way that your home is set up: try stringing lights from trees and lighting the poolside with decorative candles!

    2. 27 Dresses

    In 27 Dresses, Katherine Heigl plays the character of Jane, who attends 27 uniquely themed weddings as a bridesmaid before she can enjoy her own idea of a perfect wedding on the beach. Are you interested in changing it up and having an unusual theme for your wedding? If you're getting married in March, try a St. Patrick’s Day theme; make your guests wear a little bit of green and dance to Irish music! If you’d rather stick to common wedding themes, perhaps the last scene in the movie will inspire you to have a nice wedding on the beach like Jane did. Send out beach-themed invitations, and give out personalized paradise party-favors. You and your soon-to-be spouse can get your toes in the sand and your guests can enjoy some fun in the late afternoon sun!

    3. The Wedding Singer

    Do you want an outdoor wedding, but not on the beach or in a backyard? Consider trying something similar to a few of the garden weddings featured in the hit film, The Wedding Singer. Garden weddings are fairly uncommon, but they are absolutely beautiful if you are in a garden-accessible location. Your guests can smell the fresh air and enjoy the outdoors while watching you and your spouse-to-be marry under a gazebo in a stunning garden. Try incorporating the movie by adding in some wedding karaoke! Hearing all of your closest friends and family sing hit songs is a must.. just don’t let Grandma get ahold of that microphone!

    4. Sweet Home Alabama

    Interested in a classic Southern wedding that everyone in your small town can attend? Try something similar to the magical plantation wedding in the movie Sweet Home Alabama. The bride and her bridesmaids can carry parasols while the men can wear light colored suits. Have a barbeque outside and serve bourbon, whiskey, lemonade, cola, and sweet tea to give your guests a taste of some of the many common southern wedding traditions.

    5. Bride Wars

    We all want a perfect wedding in the location of our dreams. In Bride Wars, the two main characters both dream of getting married in NYC at the Plaza Hotel… but in completely different ways! You can do anything you want with an indoor New York City event venue; make your wedding the way that YOU want it to be just like the Bride Wars girls did! Just don’t torment your best friend in the process!

    Not interested in any of these movie inspired wedding ideas? There are tons of other wedding themes that may spark your interest! Think of you and your spouse-to-be’s favorite films and put your inventive mind to the test by creating a wedding that your guests are bound to remember. If you have any ideas, we'd love to know them! Share them with us on Facebook, Twitter, or leave a comment here!