5 Chic Fall Event Ideas

    Fall is the season for entertaining. Check out these top five chic, fall event ideas that you can use for your next bash.

    Tea Party in the Woods

    Get some blankets and pillows, a small table, and all the fixings for a tea party. Then set up your “tea room” but rather than hosting your party indoors, get outside and have an outdoor tea party in the woods! You can even hang some lanterns and other decorations from nearby trees to make it the most chic tea party ever.

    Sparkly Dinner Party

    This is great for New Year’s or a birthday party celebration! Have a sparkly dinner party complete with sequin tablecloths, glittery decorations, and silver or gold plates. Place some white and silver candles around your event space to really light up the party.

    Dinner on the Beach

    This works great for a wedding or just an upscale dinner party amongst friends. Set up some nice tables and chairs, hire a caterer and figure out what you will be bringing as beverages. You may even want to see if you can bring a little boom box so that you can have some music while dining. After dinner, you and your guests can dance on the beach under the stars!

    Yacht Party

    Nothing says sophistication like a swanky yacht party. Gather a few of your closest friends or colleagues and rent a yacht. Make sure you take the time to ensure the yacht is all ready to go with decorations and supplies before you head off to sea. Take lots of photos and make sure everyone gets home safely. For events like these, it can be best to offer some type of taxi service back home.

    Shabby Chic Cocktail Party w/Vintage Shopping

    Get all your friends together for a shabby chic cocktail party! Rent out a beautiful event venue for your party, decorate it as you see fit with the cutest shabby chic decorations around. Then, plan for a designer to come in with a trunk show so you and your friends can shop while you sip on cocktails. If this seems slightly out of budget, you can tell each of your friends to bring one or two vintage pieces of clothing and you can all swap with each other.

    Which one of these fall event ideas is your favorite? We’d love to hear! Share with us in the comments section below, on Facebook or Twitter.