5 Funny Wedding Videos

    Weddings are certainly affairs to remember, but sometimes the unexpected cause them to be remembered in more ways than one! Wedding videos have become more and more popular as camera phones and YouTube make it easy to broadcast every moment of the big day. Take Jennifer Gabrielli’s hilarious maid of honor speech at her sister’s wedding earlier this year. The YouTube video of Gabrielli rapping out the wedding toast to the tune of Eminem’s “Without Me” went viral with more than two million views. We couldn’t resist finding other funny wedding moments caught on camera for your viewing pleasure. Check them out!

    Lizard Crashes Wedding
    This lizard (literally) takes the cake for the worst wedding crasher.

    How Not to Throw Confetti
    Grandma stops the show with this hilarious wedding gaffe.

    Wedding Dance Pole Fail
    There’s always that one guest who, thanks to a generous intake of champagne, takes the dance floor to a whole new level. This eccentric dancer may have gone a little too far...

    JK Wedding Entrance Dance
    With more than 82 million views, this video couldn’t be left out. The unconventional walk down the aisle took all the attendees by surprise.

    Clumsy Best Man
    This must be every bride’s nightmare, but you can’t help laughing at his blunder.

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