5 Great Team Building Activities for Corporate Events

    1. Big Foot: Gather up all of the participants in a line and blindfold them. After they have been blindfolded shift them around and tell them to organize themselves based on shoe size without talking. This will improve communication and teamwork.

    2. Spider Web: Have everyone sit together in a circle facing each other. Holding a ball of string, have a volunteer tell the group an embarrassing story about themselves. Once they are done talking, hold onto the tip of the string and toss the ball to another person. Continue this process until everyone has told a story and is holding a piece of the string. This connects the team on a more personal level and shows how similar yet unique everyone is.

    3. Someone You Admire: Gather everyone up into a circle facing each other and have one person start by naming someone they admire and why. The person can be anyone from a relative to a historical figure. After they say who the person is, have them give a brief explanation about why they admire that person. This will inform everyone about their coworkers values and beliefs.

    4. Pass the Clap: Have everyone stand in a circle and give one person "the clap". This person then turns to the person to their right and when they make eye contact, they clap simultaneously. Repeat this cycle until it has gone completely around and encourage participants to send it in the reverse direction.

    5. Two Truths and a Lie: Gather everyone up and have a volunteer stand up and say three things about themselves. Two of the things they say should be true, while one is a lie. The audience is faced with the task of guessing which statements are true and which is lie.

    What are some of the other games and activities you've done at your Corporate Events and get togethers. We know there are ton of other great team building ideas, and we'd love to hear from you!