5 Must-Have Tools for Wedding Planners

    Whether you’re planning your own wedding or you are a professional wedding planner, there are plenty of apps, sites, and gadgets out there to help you plan the perfect wedding. With so many products out there though, it can be overwhelming to pick the few that work for you. To help you out, here are the top five must-have tools for wedding planners. Before you dive head-first into planning mode, prepare yourself with these five best tech tools to take the stress out of the whole process.


    Get inspired for the big day by looking at wedding pics on the web. This almost goes without saying, but it's important to remember that before Pinterest, it was challenging to collect and organize all of the many online wedding ideas for wedding planners. Creating visual boards on Pinterest now allows you to not only collect ideas but also stay organized and categorize each element into their own board. For example, create one board for your dress ideas, one board for flowers, one for cakes, and so on. It’s also a great way to connect and swap ideas with other wedding planners and keep your online portfolio all together.

    Wordpress Wedding Website

    In today’s digital age, it's imperative that you have a wedding website so your guests can get information on your event venue, date, and time. Thankfully it’s no longer necessary to hire a web designer to get this done. Wordpress now offers wedding-specific website themes so it’s a cinch to create a personalized website for the big day.

    Here are some ideas for things to incorporate into your wedding website:

    • The story of how you met
    • Who is in the wedding party
    • Information for out-of-town guests
    • RSVP
    • Guestbook
    • Countdown
    • Blog about your wedding
    • Maps to the event space

    Online Wedding Registry

    Rather than registering for wedding gifts at one giant corporate store, why not sign up for an online wedding registry? That way you add anything from anywhere, plus you can choose to ask for non-traditional items like a simple check. It’s also a great way for a few guests to team up to purchase certain big-ticket items such as a dishwasher or couch. There are many online wedding registry options out there, like Wedding Republic.

    Wedding Photo App: Snapable

    Snapable is not just for weddings but it’s a great way to have guests capture wedding moments and share them with everyone. Think of it like the new disposable camera. Letting guests take photos during the wedding is a fun and easy way to get them involved. Best of all, the photos will be instantly added to your Snapable album, so you’ll have everything in one place.

    The Knot.com Wedding Checklist

    If you’re planning your wedding or you are one of the many professional wedding planners, you’ve no doubt heard of the website theknot.com. It’s essentially the ultimate wedding planning website and magazine. While the website has tons of great features, one of the most important and useful tools on this site is the wedding checklist. It is the most comprehensive list of wedding to-dos available anywhere plus it can be customized to fit your specific wedding. Next to each to-do item, there will be useful articles and photos to help guide you along your way. Once you start making appointments for dress fittings and the like, you can add your actual appointment times to stay organized up until the big day arrives.

    What are your favorite tech products for planning a wedding or other big event? Feel free to share with us by leaving a comment below or on Facebook or Twitter.