5 Steps to a Pinterest-Perfect Table

    Thanks to EVENTup, you’ve found theperfect venue. However, your work is far from done- now it’s on to decor. The importance of table setting should not be overlooked, the details of decor can make or break your event. A place setting is personal to each guest since it’s where they sit, enjoy their meal, and spend a great deal of time. Make your guestsfeel welcomed with immaculate settings that are detail- oriented andmake everyone say "wow".

    1. Utensils: The More The Merrier

    A table just looks fancier with more utensils surrounding a plate, despite many utensils being unnecessary and challenging your guests etiquette knowledge over which fork to use. An elegant dinner setting should have at least two forks, a knife, and a spoon. However, a more formal dinner should have an extra spoon as well as a butter knife and plate above the dinner plate. Also, a setting should have at least two glasses- one for water and one for wine. Although this overwhelming amount of serveware may seem intimidating, it is a chance to add character and creativity to the table.

    Picture from Ruffled

    2. Plates

    Plates also offer a platform to let personality and character shine. A formal setting can have anywhere from two to four plates, so you have many opportunities to add to your decor. A contrast of plate design can be extremely elegant. If both plates have designs, then one being a neutral color is key to making the setting flow, especially if the other plate has some of the same tones.

    Picture from Magnolia Rouge

    3. Napkins

    It is not well known just how many napkin designs exist. From the classic French Pleat to the Standing Fan, there are a wide array of options for your table. A beautiful napkin adds extra detail to any place setting.

    Picture from Crate + Barrel

    4. Name Setting

    Nothing makes a table quite as personal and special to your guests than having their names on their plates. It is a welcoming detail that adds elegance and warmth to your table. Also, there are so many beautiful ways to personalize a table with a place setting that lends more creativity to your table. In addition to name cards, you can also place a menu or other card as well.

    Picture from 100 Layer Cake

    5. Florals

    Large table settings or runners are traditional for most table settings; however, florals at each setting or in addition to a larger arrangement add a more personal and unique touch to a table. Also, candles at each setting are an intimate detail to add to a table.

    Picture from Green Wedding Shoes

    Picture from No Boring Parties

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