6 Creative Wedding Favor Ideas

    From the outfits to the venue and every detail in between, there’s almost too much to think about when planning the perfect wedding. In all of the hustle and bustle, one often-overlooked detail is the wedding favor. However, since this is the one thing guests will have to remember your big day, it’s worth it to try to pick something that’ll leave a lasting impression.

    Here are just a few ideas for showing your true personality with guest gifts, many with endless customization options to help make them true to you as a couple. These are just a starting point for making yours a great takeaway from your wedding day.

    1. Seasonal Comforts
    For wedding celebrations during the colder months, consider a favor that doubles as an essential. This could be a beautiful plaid throw blanket or a knitted pair or gloves with the date stitched on the inside. If budget is an issue, hand warmers are affordable and make a chilly event cheerier for those in attendance.

    For warm-weather nuptials, consider a personal fan, face mister, or a custom pair of sunglasses that’ll be great for your photobooth and beyond.

    2. Green Things
    No one expects you to send guests home with a giant potted orchid. But you could opt for giving the gift of a small flowerpot or succulent. Tiny new blooms in teacups or little cacti in a jar are also all the rage (but may be hard for guests to hold, so take that into account). 

    If you’re not sure of the logistics of carting around tons of tiny pots, keep things simple with seed packets or paper notes that have tiny seeds embedded in them. These clever gifts can be printed with your choice of message, then planted directly in fertile soil to produce flowers, lettuce, or your choice of greenery. And, since they create no waste, they’re an eco-friendly way to show your gratitude. 

    3. Fancy Beverages
    Check your guest list to ensure that this gift is acceptable, but if it will be mostly adults in attendance, feel free to indulge! Tiny bottles of wine, gourmet Limoncello, mead, and small-batch brews with notes of cucumber or elderflower are just a few of the things wedding parties have been gifting their guests. 

    Not only do liquor gifts seem classy, but they also give you ample opportunity to get creative with the packaging. Look for custom labels and tags that share the joyous message of your union. If you’d rather be mindful of those who don’t imbibe, consider a fancy alcohol-free beverage, like a nice glass bottle of elderflower lemonade.

    4. Baked Goods
    Whether you treat your guests to colorful macaroons, custom donuts, or nostalgic candy, the gift of a sugar rush is always appreciated — especially after a night of cutting a rug on the dancefloor. 

    Baked goods are ideal because local bakers can create them with your choice of icing, sprinkles, or gift wrap. After all, who doesn’t love a moist cake donut or hand pie?

    5. Fire, in a Few Forms
    Having matches is one of those things that will come in handy more often than you realize (as long as you keep them out of reach of the kiddos, of course). You can choose from matchbooks or matchboxes, and custom everything from the colors to the font. Most will have the couple’s names, the date, and even a short quote about love. 

    To take this favor to the next level, you could give the wedding party and close relatives a high-end, vintage-style engraved lighter, and save the matches for the rest of your attendees. 

    6. Classic Candles
    The popularity of a quality scented candle hasn’t gone away. With this in mind, consider having your own custom candle scent created and poured for your big day! Whether you opt for woodsy smells or beachy notes, pick the scent that tells your story.

    Candles can be very affordable since they come in so many sizes. Pick the size that fits your budget, and order in bulk to save. The best part is the label, which can be customized to share your own, true tale of love and commitment.

    Whether you need ten party favors for your destination wedding across the world or 200 tiny treats for everyone you know, the right guest gift sets a tone that no other element of your wedding can. Have fun with whatever you choose, and remember that, at the end of the day, witnessing your day of love will be gift enough for most people.