7 Great Pinterest Party Ideas!

    First thing's first. If you don't have a Pinterest, I suggest you consider getting one! There are so many fun ideas and great pictures! Personally, I am slightly addicted, but there is some good to come out of this dependency: I can bring you a list of party ideas to blow you out of the water! Here is a list of crafts, party foods and activities to liven up your next party!


    Fall is approaching, and maybe faster than you'd like to think. Summer is always a fun time, but nothing is as comforting as wrapping yourself up in a cozy sweater and having friends over! My favorite part about the colder months is the increase in acceptance of the general public of lighting candles on a daily basis. I'm no pyro, but I love scented candles. They are a great way to add scents and atmosphere to parties! Here are some pinteresting suggestions for candle use for your next bash:

    Love Lavender? Try this idea from Providence Ltd Design! Tie lavender around a candle holder with twine or another rustic-looking string. The scent will waft up with the heat and fill your home or garden!

    You can also try this idea with other fragrant flowers or types of wood! A great one for the transition from summer to fall is cinnamon! Tie cinnamon sticks around candle holders the same way you would the lavender and enjoy!

    To play with light patterns, make your own tin can lanterns! They will add interest to your party and friends will ask you how you made them! Get a tin can, some nails and a hammer and create desired patterns (be careful!) you can hang them or place them on tables. Light a tea candle and place inside, you'll cast the shadows of your designs on walls and tables!

    2.  DIY Tea Party

    Feeling fancy? Have a tea party! Coffee and tea are two of the most delicious and popular drinks consumed in the world! Play with the idea and have friends over for warm drinks, desserts and more! Here are some ideas for decorating!

    Set up a table outside or on the porch! Gardens are very tea party appropriate. A simple table cloth will prevent splinters from a wooden picnic table and add a touch of simple elegance (especially if you add a few candles!!). And you don't need a Tiffany silver tea service to throw this party (although they are divine, aren't they?). Any ceramic teapot will do! And make it casual by mixing different types of mugs if you feel like saving your porcelain tea service for when your mother-in-law comes. Have a selection of herbal and black teas for guests, and don't forget the cream, sugar and sweetener!

    For an interesting and European inspired coffee option, try French pressed coffee! Again, there are affordable options, even ones you can purchase at Starbucks! You can use your normal ground coffee, just pour boiling water over grounds and let brew for a few minutes. Press down to filter and presto! Delicious coffee for you and your guests!

    3.  Food and Recipes 

    As for foods, Pinterest has an infinite number of recipes for desserts, savory meals and more! You can purchase cupcakes and other pastries from your local bakery if you're you're not up for the challenge (which is perfectly acceptable, ladies!) or you can bake up a storm and impress guests with your cooking skills, because no one wields a whisk like you do!

    Everyone wants to know how to make red velvet brownies like these? They're easier to make than you think and they'll go great with a steaming cup of earl grey or bold roasted coffee!

    I don't know if you were a Girl Scout (I was) but you don't have to be to LOVE Girl Scout cookies! Thin Mints, the ever popular mint and chocolate cookies were always the most sold on my routes. Make your own for the party! Nothing goes with coffee and tea better than desserts! Give these delicious, minty chocolate cookies your friends will fight for a try.

    4.  Pinterest Decorating Tips

    Pick flowers from your garden, public park or if you're up for spending money at the florist, your local florist! Arrange them in wine bottles, vases or mugs to add an interesting decoration to your table. By adding holders of various heights you can draw the eye up and down along the table so that none of the arrangements are blocked from view or lost behind the others. It is a fun, natural way to fancy up a table!

    Decorate with desserts! Bake cupcakes and with a piping bag, shape petals with frosting! Start in the middle and work your way out! Guests will not be able to resist snapping a picture before devouring these stunning treats!

    5.  Interesting Pinterest-ing!

    I came across this DIY idea for coasters and was so excited because I have a stack of branches in the backyard from the last windstorm. This craft will have you praying that the Santa Ana winds come blowing your way, just to bring you a coaster-sized branch! Now this calls for a saw, which you are more than capable to wield, but make sure you are safe and are in a work zone away from children or pets that could bump into you. Cut branches into slices 1/2 an inch thick (trying to make them too thin could result in snapping or extreme frustration). Use a wood stain and a clear varnish to add color, detail and a smooth texture to your coasters. Place them on the table and enjoy!!

    6.  Pinterest Party Favors!

    I don't remember the last time I received a party favor, but I know that I have always loved and will always love them. Surprise your guests with an adorable party favor that will have them remembering your party every time they use it!

    Tea Cup Candle: This is an adorable idea that is easy to make and goes with the tea party theme above! You can get candle wax and wicks from your local craft store! Tea cups can be bought from thrift stores, online, cheap antique stores and even sales at department stores! Here is a guide to making these lovely gifts from Martha Stewart, craft queen extraordinaire.

    7.  DIY Wine Tasting

    Choose a few wines (you can ask the owner of your local wine shop for a variety of options in an affordable price range) and set out a few sets of wine glasses. This will give people the chance to enjoy new wines and it could even promote the wine shop where you bought them! How's that for stimulating your local economy?

    We know how many fantastic Pinterest party ideas there are out there, so we thought we'd give you a preview of some of our favorites here at Eventup!  But we want to hear from you! What are some of your favorite Pinterest party ideas, decorating tips and tricks, or DIY crafts? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or leave a comment here!