7 Ideas for an Adult Halloween Party

    What comes to mind when you think of Halloween? Dressing up in your scariest costume to go trick-or-treating, and competing with your friends for who has the most candy? While these activities were exceptionally fun when we were younger, they aren’t ideal for celebrating Halloween as an adult. So what do adults do to celebrate the eeriest holiday of the year? With Halloween creeping up, you have the perfect excuse to throw a party. Here are 7 ideas that we came up to help you plan a great adult Halloween party!

    1. First things first: Invite your friends. The most important part in planning a party is informing your guests of your special event! For a Halloween party, you can lure your friends in right away with an eye-opening invitation. Incorporate some mystery into your invitation that will surely get your guests pumped for what is awaiting them at your party venue!

    2. Make it a costume party! What’s a Halloween party without all of your friends in costumes? On your invitations, make sure to note that your guests have to dress up! Not only will all of the different costumes be a great conversation starter between everyone at your party, but they also make it easier for your guests to get ready for your event! They won’t struggle in their closet all night long deciding what to wear, and you won’t have to create a specific dress code for them.

    3. Decorate like there’s no tomorrow (literally, since it’s Halloween!) In the fall, Halloween decorations are sold everywhere, and they aren’t too expensive! Light up some carved pumpkins outside, and decorate your front yard like it’s a graveyard. Keep the lighting in your event venue as dim as you can get it, and finish off the creepy atmosphere with some Halloween music and sound effects.

    4. Themed food and drinks. Offer food and drinks to your guests that seem too strange to be true: serve blood red fruit punch, chicken fingers that actually look like fingers, or ribs that are actually served in the shape of a human’s ribs. For a spooky Halloween effect, add dry ice to your beverages in a safe way to make it look like it is steaming. Get creative with your food and drink selections for your party: there are some great Halloween recipes that you can incorporate into your menu!

    5. Games and Activities. A party without games? We don’t care how old you are, that’s pretty much a crime! Have your friends participate in some Halloween themed party games. The “food feeling” game is a popular Halloween party game that’s appropriate for all ages! Cut holes into boxes and fill them with different types of foods that can be confused for non-edible items. Have your blindfolded participants reach their hand in and guess what type of gross “non-edible” concoctions are in the boxes! Peel some grapes and call them slimy eyeballs, or fill the box with candy corn and un-popped popcorn and say it’s rotten teeth. Your guests will be entertained as they try to guess what they are feeling!

    6. Fortuneteller. Give your guests the opportunity to hear what their future has in store for them by hiring a fortuneteller or a psychic. Have them incorporate tarot cards into their readings, but ensure your guests that this is optional, not mandatory!

    7. Memories that last forever. You want your guests to remember your Halloween party forever, and what better way to do it than with a photo booth? They can take photos in their crazy costumes, and they can take them home as souvenirs to remember their fun-filled night at your party.

    You’re never too old to celebrate Halloween. Since adults probably shouldn’t be going door-to-door collecting candy, Halloween is the perfect excuse to throw a party. Do you have any adult Halloween party ideas, or have you been to a really spooky party? Leave a comment and let us know, or you can tell us on Facebook or Twitter!