7 Tips to Motivate Your Team on Mondays

    Coming in to work on Monday after two whole days of fun and relaxation can be tough, even for people who love their jobs. That’s why it’s up to you as a business owner, manager, HR director or corporate event planner to make sure you put forth a little extra effort to help motivate your team on Mondays. Check out our seven easy tips on how to turn a mundane Monday into a fun-filled work day.

    Make it a casual day. It’s no surprise that most people do not enjoy wearing business attire; it’s often starchy, hot and uncomfortable. So an easy way to brighten up Monday is to make it casual day! Have the HR department send out an email on the Thursday before to announce the casual day. It’s important to include a few friendly reminders about what is considered casual and what is considered too casual.

    Make it a late-start day. One of the hardest parts about Mondays for most people is having to wake up early. Cheer up your team by letting them come in an hour or two later than normal on some Mondays. Be sure to specify if you expect them to stay an hour or two later in the evening as well. If you’re really feeling generous, you could make it a late start day and let them leave at the normal time. Or if you want to offer some incentive, let your star team members leave at the normal time and challenge others to complete certain tasks in order to earn a short day.

    Buy coffee for the team. Have everyone email you their favorite coffee drink and surprise them with their favorite cup of joe next Monday! There is no better way to motivate your team then by giving them their favorite cup of high quality coffee or tea. If it’s too much to pull this off in the morning, plan it for the afternoon or after lunch for a quick pick me up.

    Create a team inspiration board. Most Monday mornings go something like this: walk into the office, get coffee, sit down at your cubicle, turn on the computer and check email. Shake things up by planning a fun activity the team can do together on Mondays. For example, get a bunch of magazines and craft supplies and have people create a large inspiration board for the company. If you like, you can also have them create individual inspiration boards to hang at their desk.

    Treat them to lunch of their choice. Nothing says “World’s Best Boss” quite like a free lunch! The easiest way to do this for larger companies is to have a restaurant cater your lunch. Ask them to bring their top three most popular entrées and a variety of sides and desserts to choose from. Don’t forget the vegetarians in your company! For smaller companies, have your employees mark down their choice from the local restaurants in your area and order it for them so that it arrives at lunch time. If you really want to go all out, consider renting an event space close to the office and have people eat their lunch there. It’d be like having your very own company restaurant!

    Have a fun brainstorming session. Get the creative juices flowing early on in the week and motivate your team by organizing a fun brainstorming session on Monday. If you have a new client, brainstorm what you can do for them as a company. Perhaps you can bring the entire company in on a marketing brainstorming session. Redesigning your website? Get people to give ideas and feedback on how to make it the best website ever.

    Plan a cocktail party after work. Yes, the weekend just passed and most people probably had a few adult beverages over the weekend. But that doesn’t mean you can’t spoil your hardworking employees with a little happy hour on Monday! For this idea it’s definitely best to choose an event venue that is located close to the main office so that your employees can easily get to it from work on their way home. Offer light beers, champagne and wine with hors d'œuvres. Keep it short and sweet, two to three hours maximum. Also, keep the atmosphere light; try to give people a break from work conversations.

    What other tips do you have to motivate your team on Mondays? Feel free to share with us by leaving a comment below, on Facebook or Twitter. Looking for a place to hold a brainstorming session or company event? Check out our posts about meeting room venues in LA and New York.