7 Venues Worthy of National Beer Day

    What do you do every Monday? Sit at work all day looking forward to your Lean Cuisine dinner? Nurse your Monday blues with coffee after coffee? Usually, we'd be right behind you, but this Monday is especially important for your social calendar- It's National Beer Day. We've decided to make it easy on you and listed 7 of our favorite places around the country where you can knock back a few brews after work. It is a national holiday after all- cheers!

    1. Alchemist Bar & Lounge

    San Francisco, CA

    Location: San Francisco, CA

    If you happen to be in San Francisco's South Beach neighborhood, The Alchemist Bar & Lounge is the perfect place for your National Beer Day festivities. With a speakeasy vibe and well-versed staff, this bar/lounge is the perfect place to unwind after work with some craft beer or one of their signature cocktails.

    2. Public House

    Chicago, IL

    Saying that Public House has a large beer list is an understatement. Located in Chicago's River North neighborhood, Public House hosts every beer from A to Z. Some tables come equipped with their own taps so you can top yourself off while barely lifting a finger. Along with beer, this Chicago hot spot has delicious food that they describe as traditional american food with a

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    unique and upscale twist. You can even ask for a beer tasting and pairing menu to heighten your experience. Need we say more?

    3. Landshark Beer Garden on Navy Pier

    Chicago, IL

    If the picture above isn't incentive enough, Landshark Beer Garden on Navy Pier serves beers of all types. Micro brews, imports, and domestic beers are always available along with their delicious beer worthy foods like hamburgers, hotdogs, pizza, and hot wings. Located at the end of Navy Pier, with beautiful views of Chicago, the Landshark Beer Garden is the perfect place to spend your National Beer Day.

    4. Randolph Beer

    New York City

    Location: New York City

    Randolph Beer is in the Nolita neighborhood of New York City. They offer up to 48 (mostly) American Craft beers at any given time. If you fancy yourself a beer connoisseur and live in the NYC area, Randolph beer should be your only option for tonight's festivities. Bottoms up! http://eventup.com/venue/randolph-beer/

    5. Banger's Sausage & Beer Garden

    Austin, TX

    Banger's Sausage & Beer Garden has a whopping 103 beers on tap at any given time. They pride themselves on not duplicating a single beer on their tap wall. As implied by their name, Banger's also has a delicious selection of 30 different house made sausages. Nothing goes better with craft beer than homemade sausages. If that isn't enticing enough, Banger's also provides an almost perfect atmosphere- shaded by trees, you can sip your craft beers while listening to live music and watching your pup in the dog park located right next to the garden. We will have dreams about this venue tonight (and so will our puppies).

    6. The Ainsworth

    Las Vegas, NV

    The Ainsworth is located in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The Ainsworth is a high-end sports bar where you can go and relax after a long day. With beautiful decor and a menu during featured games, what goes better with the game than an ice cold beer or a signature cocktail?

    7. Double Barrel Roadhouse

    Las Vegas, NV

    Located on the Las Vegas strip, Double Barrel Roadhouse is an experience unlike any other. With it's rustic decor, great music selection, and all American cuisine, Double Barrel Roadhouse is worthy of any beer lover's attention. You can drink any of their drafts in a pint, mug, pitcher, or even a 72 oz beer barrel for just 48 bucks.

    If these venues seem like your kind of spots, come browse our website and find the perfect match for your next event-whether it be corporate, social, or a national holiday like this. Happy National Beer Day, everyone!