8 Safe but Exciting Party Games You Should Try

    If you're planning a party, a huge part of your job is to keep your friends and family entertained the entire time. You don't want your guests to be sneaking out the back door of your event venue, or checking their watch every five minutes because they're not having a good time. Party games are a great way to break away from small-talk and typical party activities that could eventually get boring. Whether you’re planning a corporate event, a holiday party, a party for your children or a family get together, here are some safe but exciting party games that you should definitely try!

    1. Charades. A guessing game is a great way to get the people at your party laughing and interacting with each other. Organize a game of charades, but make everyone act out other guests at the party! They’ll be in for a real treat when they are trying to figure out which of their friends everyone is pretending to be.

    2. Scavenger Hunt. Nothing builds teamwork and brings friends or co-workers together like a scavenger hunt does. Come up with some clever clues to stump your friends and put them on a mission to win against other teams. Large event venues are great for scavenger hunts, because you can have your guests compete in a large space with many options for clue locations!

    3. Two Truths and a Lie. See how well the people at your party know each other. Go around and have each person say three things about themselves: two that are true, and one that’s a lie. Everyone else has to guess which one is the lie, and if they get it right, they can give themselves a point. After hearing everyone’s three facts and completing the guessing, whoever has the most points wins! This game will test your guests and their knowledge of their friends.

    4. Never Have I Ever. Similar to “2 Truths and a Lie” is another popular game: “Never Have I Ever” or “Ten Fingers.” Go around the room, and have each guest say something random that they have never done before. If someone has done it, they will put one of their ten fingers down. Whoever puts all ten fingers down first is the most experienced: and they are out!

    5. Partini. “Partini” is a great game that will entertain your guests, and everything that you need for it is right in the box! Split your party into two teams. There are six different games that make up the entire game: Bouncers, Mime Twist, Straight Up, What It’s Not, Clay Smoothie, Hum Punch, and Wild Coaster. From bouncing a ball into a cup to acting out what’s on the card, the two teams will be doing ridiculous things that will definitely get them laughing.

    6. Backwards Bingo. Whether your guests are super familiar with each other or not, play backwards Bingo! Give everyone a bingo card with different categories, and have them walk around the party trying to find people that fit those categories. Tell them to find someone who has never been outside of the country, or someone who for some odd reason hates chocolate. Whoever fills their bingo card first with people who fit the categories, wins. Your guests are sure to learn a little about each and every one of the people at the party, even if they thought that they already knew them.

    7. Karaoke Competition. We all have that secret superstar inside of us just dying to get out. Plan a Karaoke activity to get your party people singing and performing for each other! Stage fright is no excuse for the guests at your party, and if they’re severely afraid to get up and sing, give them a drink for a little bit of liquid courage. To make it even more interesting, turn your karaoke fun into a competition: play a game of finish the lyrics! Play the first half of a song, and have each participant finish the lyrics. Whoever finishes the lyrics correctly (or the most correct at least), wins the game. If you're hosting your party at an indoor venue with access to a great sound system, you are already on the way to a great Karaoke competition!

    8. How well do you know your partner? Have everyone at your party pick a partner, preferably one that they know. If any of your guests do not know their partner at all, give them 5 minutes to get basic information about each other before you start. Have one person from each partnership leave the room, while the other has to answer questions such as: What are both you and your partner's favorite types of music? What does your partner do for a living? What do you do for a living? Then, have them re-enter the room and answer the same exact questions. The partnership with the most answers that match up, wins! This game will test how well your guests know each other, and it will bring them closer together and help them learn more than they already did. This game is also a lot of fun if played with couples or friends: you can ask them questions about their relationship and see who remembers more!

    Know your party guests, and plan party games for them that will keep them engaged with each other and that they are sure to remember. You don't want anyone leaving your party because they're bored, or never coming to one of your parties in the future. Tell us your experience with party games in a comment below, or you can let us know on Facebook or Twitter!