9 Awesome Party Gift Ideas for "Green" Friends

    We all have one person in our lives who is way ahead of the "live green" curve than the rest. Should you be invited to the home of such a green person, such as a friend, in-law or other acquaintance, it can be stressful to find a gift that will truly impress. For those of you who aren't well-versed in the world of eco-friendly party gifts, don't stress! Eventup is here to bring you 9 ideas that will have hosts and hostesses thanking you. Profusely.

    1. Makeup!

    Every girl loves her makeup routine. Applying blush is an art and our tools need to be in tip-top shape. If you are attending a party with a female host, give her a set of eco-friendly brushes! She'll appreciate the gesture even more when she reads all the fun eco-facts on the post-consumer recycled packaging. Major points.

    2. For the Manliest of Man-Hosts

    After a weekend of hiking Mt. Whitney your friend and male host has decided to throw a little party in honor of Shark Week. Give him a tin of Burt's Bees Muscle Mend balm! He will love that you were so thoughtful and that you decided to go eco! It's what we would get for Bear Grylls if we were going to his party...

    3. Go Tropical!

    One of the hottest trends in green giving right now is adoption! We love the idea of a Caribbean Coral Reef!! Adopt online and give the certificate to your host or hostess with a photograph of the area.

    4. When in Doubt, Go for the Gift Set

    You cannot go wrong with a bath set, especially one that smells this good. Thankfully Yours brings us a Juniper Grapefruit Bath set that will have your host(ess)  relaxed before they even open it! Plus they'll remember you as an environmentally conscious friend who gives great gifts!

    5. Mmmmmm Coffee

    Or tea. Or cocoa. Whatever a person's drink of choice is, a thermos is always useful. Why waste paper cups when you can get a discount at the coffee shop for bringing your own?? Show up to a party with one of these and you'll make your host the envy of the green community!

    6. For the Nature Fanatic

    Getting someone's favorite TV show for them on DVD or Blu Ray can show just how much you pay attention. Getting someone a show they didn't know was their favorite can show you are an intuitive genius (which we suspected all along). Get your host a series of nature shows or documentaries like the Discovery Channel's LIFE. They will be glued to their television sets for days on end.

    7. For the Girly Girl

    Impress your friend with your knowledge of eco-gifts with a personalized initial charm from Etsy. Not only are they adorable, your hostess will flip - its almost too cute to be as environmentally aware as it is!

    8. For the Vodka Snob

    Some people refuse to drink anything but the best. Now they'll only drink out of the best, too! Or at least they will when you give them a recycled tumbler made from Grey Goose vodka bottles. Guests will be impressed. And jealous.

    9. For the Home

    This one is to show how cool YOU are. Give your host a  cardboard animal head. Yes. An animal head. Like the ones you see in luxurious British country homes, only made from post-consumer recycled cardboard. Available in deer, moose and elephant.