A Classy Company New Year Party

    What do you do when the New Year begins during the workweek? Throw an office party, of course! A company New Year party is a great way to boost office morale as you move into 2014, not to mention a great opportunity to approach potential investors or business contacts. But how do you plan a work-appropriate company New Year party for one of the wilder holidays of the year? Here are some helpful tips and tricks to make your company New Year party something your guests will talk about all year long!

    Find a Great Place: Think about some of the greatest New Year’s parties you’ve attended. I’m willing to bet they had music, champagne, tons of people mingling; your standard fare for a party on December 31st. So what was it that made that night stand out in your mind? Odds are, it took place at an incredible event venue. Location, location, location!

    When planning the company New Year party, make sure to pick a location that speaks to the vibe of your co-workers and the company as a whole. Are you a young, ambitious, funky startup? Book a space that’s unique and exciting, and don’t forget a view of those city lights. Looking to impress some old-money investors? Make sure your party space is the epitome of poise and class. Do a lot of your employees have rugrats at home? There are venues that provide fun for everyone! Make sure you consider the crowd that will be in attendance, and pick a venue that will best suit everyone.

    Get Dressed Up: Ask anyone who's ever attended a New Year's Eve party and they will tell you that New Year's is a night to look fancy. Host a formal event for your company New Year party and watch as sophistication and class ooze throughout your entire event. Your staff will love the chance to see each other dressed to the nines, your VIPs will love the dignified air your business gives off, and your party will soon be the toast of the town! Just make sure to indicate that the party is formal attire when you send out your invitations and be specific.

    Capture the Night: Like any other holiday, New Year’s Eve is all about being with the people you love and having a good time. And of course, creating memories through gorgeous photography! Make sure you hire a photographer who can handle a larger scale, company event. Here are tips and tricks for choosing the right photographer. Dance the night away while also posting your own pictures to Facebook and create a hashtag for the event so everyone can share their own photos on Instagram!

    Do you like these company New Year party ideas? Leave a comment below or on Facebook and Twitter. For more company holiday party ideas, check out our unique party themes!