A Guide to Wedding Music

    Your wedding day is almost here, which means you're coming down to the final details. The atmosphere of the venue is coming together and all of the visuals are there. Now time to add the music! Here is a guide to helping you choose  a song for the bride and groom's first dance, the fauther-daughter dance, party songs, dinner songs, and more!

    Before you get started, think of the options you have for your wedding. Are you hiring an instrumental quartet? Is there a live band? A sound system? This way you can give your music requests to the bands or musicians in advance to give them time to practice, familiarize themselves with the sheet music or adapt it to a classical style. If you are using a sound system, you can create the playlist yourself on an MP3 player or burn it onto CDs. Knowing where you're going with your music helps you know how to proceed with your choices!


    As the wedding party enters the venue, be it a church aisle or a boardwalk, and the bride is escorted down the aisle, you will want to have music playing. Wagner's Bridal Chorus (the "here comes the bride" we're accustomed to hearing!) is not your only option for your walk down the aisle! Any beautiful song will do, but to retain the same angelic effect, a slower song is recommended so you do not feel rushed by the beat of the music. The music should fade out as the bride is given away to the groom and the two approach the altar. Some people wish for music to play during the entire ceremony, and this is perfectly fine! Just make sure the spoken parts of the ceremony can be heard by all. This may involve a microphone system, but try this in a rehearsal to make sure it works. Do everything you can to retain your vision!


    As the bride and groom have their first kiss as a married couple, you can have a song accompany the happiness that will be felt by everyone at the wedding! A happy, joyful song is typically chosen as the two walk back up the aisle to the reception! This can be a favorite song of yours or a song chosen to honor friends and family (for example, your grandmother's favorite love song). Have fun with it! This is your first presentation as husband and wife!


    As guests find their seats and dinner is served, music is a great creator of a celebratory mood! Couples can dance between courses or while waiting for the bride and groom to cut the cake! This is a time to have fun dance music playing to encourage people to get up and have fun on the dance floor! There is no set list for what this music has to be, so have fun with the selection! Ask friends, bridesmaids and guests to help you create this list with you so there is at least one song that each person will know and love!

    Bride and Groom's First Dance

    After dinner is served, the bride and groom's first dance together is announced and of course, this is the introduction of the couple's "wedding song." This is something the bride and groom should collaborate on and decide upon together. It could be the song that was playing on the radio during your first date or the song that played when the groom proposed. Either way, don't limit yourself to traditional wedding songs! Choose one that you both love and that reflects your relationship and lifestyle. Have fun with it!

    Father Daughter Dance

    This dance is typically the tear-jerker for guests, especially the father of the bride as his daughter begins a new phase of her life. Many brides choose a song to honor her father. If you grew up and your father BBQ'd to country music during the summer, choose a slow country song from his favorite album (I know my father daughter dance will be Randy Travis' "Deeper than the Hollar"). Is dad a fan of classic rock? Choose an acoustic version of a song from his favorite band! Traditionally slow, this dance will be the most photographed of the night, select a song to attach those memories to!