Plan Your Event the Simple Way

    In the world of cheaper and more frequent air travel, alongside globalization and video conferencing, event planning is becoming ever more complicated. For example, for a company based in New York that is attempting to attract clients and build brand loyalty in San Diego, the ability to plan an event from a distance becomes essential. Indeed, sometimes even within your own city it can be an enormous task to discover a venue with the right capacity, budget and atmosphere for your event. This is also an issue for the venues themselves, who wish to attract specific types clients and find that they are often overlooked or undiscovered.


    EVENTup has been designed to simplify this process at both ends. By inputting the number of people you hope to cater for, alongside your budget and city of choice, you can immediately access a huge variety of venues to suit your needs. For venues, this generates potential clients that have a much higher chance of booking, while those looking to hold an event can browse through pictures of the many venues in their price range and establish a feel for it, whilst comparing it to many others in one user-friendly webpage.


    In this way, EVENTup hopes to become the easy answer to the problems of venue booking across the world. By developing a simple link, discovering the perfect venue for your event is transformed into an enjoyable browsing experience, without having to navigate large quantities of differently styled venue websites. So next time you need to plan an event, have a browse through our venues and experience for yourself how much fun event planning can be!