Add Pizazz to Your Next Meeting


    Offsites are crucial for the well being of your employees and management team. It’s important to get out of the office and relieve the cabin fever feeling with a fresh breath of air.


    These out of the office ventures are especially important for startups in order to get away from the daily grind and enable people to reflect on the progress that has been made. In a startup environment it is typical to lose sight of the company’s big picture because daily activity can often cloud what each person is building towards together. In today’s world, we have fallen into the trap of communicating via email, even when it’s to a coworker sitting across the table. Offsites help to bring employees together and provoke more engagement through team building activities. It is easy to think there is not enough time to escape the office because all of the demands of the business never stop; when in reality it is fundamental in benefiting your team in the long run.


    They are a great way to focus on team building while still having fun with coworkers and re-energizing the excitement. From experience, here are a few tips for planning a successful offsite:

    •    Find a specific place and a cheap way to get there- stay away from sterile conference rooms and generic hotel meeting room
    •    Establish expectations and what you would like to accomplish
    •    Ban the PowerPoint 
    •    Provide food- everyone loves food! 
    •    Include everyone without playing cheesy games- consider group projects that require creativity and collaboration 
    •    Incorporate skits 
    •    Take a ton of photos