Amazing House Party Ideas From Movies

    It seems like parties are always way better in movies than in real life. The décor is better, the food is incredible and all the guests always have an amazing time. If you're like us, you'd like to have a party with all the touches of the silver screen. Well, now you can! We've hand picked some awesome party ideas from some of our favorite movies that will help make your next party absolutely amazing.

    Curtain of Lights from Eyes Wide Shut

    The Christmas gala that Bill (Tom Cruise) and Alice Harford (Nicole Kidman) attended in Eyes Wide Shut was beautifully decorated with a curtain of white lights. The dramatic display was very appropriate for the rampant flirting and constant jealousy between party guests. If you're hosting a holiday party, try this out for a unique twist on the typical decoration.

    Party Trick: Pop Champagne with a Kitchen Knife from What Happens in Vegas


    Technically called "sabering", this party trick was first seen on the big screen in 2008 when Joy (Cameron Diaz) charmed Jack (Ashton Kutcher) in the romantic comedy What Happens in Vegas by popping a bottle of Champagne using only a kitchen knife. Now you can wow your guests with your amazing talent by following this instructional video: How to Saber Champagne. Who knows, maybe you'll be just as lucky as Cameron Diaz's character and get hitched at the end of the night as a result of this neat trick! But please keep in mind that knives are sharp and Champagne corking injuries are very common so practice in private a few times beforehand.

    Champagne Tower from Marie Antoinette

    Now that you've learned to saber your Champagne like a certain Hollywood starlet, it is only appropriate that it is poured in a fashion that the Queen of France would approve. In Marie Antoinette, the guests of the infamous Queen are served Champagne after it is poured into glasses that are stacked in a tower. Although this task may look daunting, it doesn't require a royal pedigree to accomplish. Just follow these four easy steps from Martha Stewart:

    1. Start with a solid base (a very steady table) that is separate from other tables. Place a large tray on the table to collect inevitable spillage.

    2. Arrange coupe Champagne glasses (not flutes!) in perfect squares, one on top of the other and each layer smaller than the other. For example, if the first level is 10 glasses by 10 glasses, the the second level should be 9 by 9 and so on.

    3. Each glass should be touching the surrounding glasses. If done correctly, you will see a diamond shaped space in between the glasses. The stems of the glasses in the following layer should be centered over the diamond-shaped gaps.

    4. Once you have completed your tower, slowly pour the Champagne into the top glass. The overflow will eventually fill the glasses below.

    Guitar Hero Battle from Couple's Retreat

    Looking for some entertainment for your party guests? Dave (Vince Vaughn) and Stanley (Peter Serafinowicz) kept themselves occupied with a Guitar Hero battle in Couples Retreat. Although they weren't at a party, you can't deny that Vince Vaughn is having a blast while battling to find the location of his spouse on the singles island. Set up a few remote guitars in front of the big screen and your guests will have a great time playing for some friendly competition or living out their rockstar fantasies.

    Tent with Garland Christmas Lights from Father of the Bride

    The classic tale of a father's struggles over the idea of his little girl getting married ended with an amazing reception. Despite George's (Steve Martin) comedic attempts to stop the wedding in Father of the Bride, his daughter ties the knot and hosts a gorgeous reception with phenomenal décor. The white tent was masterfully lit with white Christmas lights streaming from the perimeter and meeting at the middle. This added a touch of elegance that is perfect for a wintertime ceremony. Although the reception was a product of master wedding planners Franck (Martin Short) and Howard (BD Wong), we highly recommend you try this out at your reception or holiday party.

    Toga Party from Animal House

    No list of party ideas stolen from movies would be complete without the greatest on-screen party of all time. In case you are one of the few people on the planet who hasn't seen Animal House (hint: see it NOW!), then here is an explanation. The hoodrats of Delta Tau Chi throw an epic toga party in which a live band performs "Shout!" while all the guests dance and sing along while donning homemade togas, John Blutarsky (John Belushi) leads the party in a group chant of, "Toga! Toga! Toga!" and then parades around the house causing all kinds of mayhem with his drunken antics. Does this not sound like a blast? So get out those old bed sheets and throw the party that everyone is dying to attend at least once in their lifetime.

    Have you seen a movie recently with an amazing party or spectacular party ideas? Let us know by leaving a comment below, or on Facebook or Twitter!