Back to School Cocktail Party For Parents

    Who can believe that for a lot of us, it's already back to school time! But there's no reason to be bummed out. Going back to school is the perfect time for a celebration! With the return of school books, homework, and a more structured schedule than summer, most parents are thrilled when back-to-school season rolls around. So why not toast to the return of school with a casual, back to school cocktail party for parents?

    Signature Cocktails

    Tuck the kids into bed because it’s time to bust out the back to school signature cocktails! Here are a few cocktail recipe ideas to try out at your party:

    The Pencil Eraser Cocktail: This quick and easy cocktail is inspired by pink school erasers, a fun and festive twist for your guests. In a shaker, mash together some lemon, strawberries, and simple syrup. Add ice, vodka, and cranberry juice to taste. Shake well and strain into martini glasses. Garnish with a strawberry and serve.

    Back-to-Schooltinis: Mix 1 oz vodka, 4 oz apple juice, a splash of cranberry, and a cinnamon stick in a cocktail mixer with ice.  Shake vigorously. Strain into a martini glass, float a twist of apple skin and garnish with the cinnamon stick.

    If you will be hosting your party in the morning, consider serving Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s instead for a classic, daytime cocktail.


    You’ll surely need some tasty treats to munch while sipping your back to school cocktails. Try creating some unique dishes using cafeteria classics as your inspiration. For example, make a fancy version of tater tots by adding Parmesan cheese and oregano to the tots and serving them with a homemade hot sauce or go even fancier with a white truffle oil drizzle.

    You could also make pizza bites stuffed with artisan sausage and/or veggies and serve them on toothpicks. Finally, serve a plate of mouthwatering berries on skewers and make a peanut dipping sauce to go with them… call it grown up peanut butter and jelly!


    Play a game with all your parent friends to see who knows their kid the best. This one takes just a little bit of prep work. To do this, you’ll need to have everyone think of 5-10 school-related questions, such as:

    • Who is your child’s best friend at school?
    • What is your child’s favorite color?
    • What is your child’s favorite part of the school day?

    The kids will need to answer these questions first, and then the parents will fill out the sheet and see how many questions they answered correctly. If needed, have a back up question on hand in case you need a tie-breaker.


    If you’re just throwing a party for your close friends, having it in your home may be the best option. However, if you’re going to be inviting half the school or neighborhood, you may want to consider renting out an event venue for the occasion. You’ll want to make sure you have enough room for a bar, some areas to lounge, as well as standing space. Finally, choose an event space that’s relatively close to your neighborhood or your children’s school so that it’s convenient for your guests.


    It’s the details that can really make a party stand out. To decorate for your back to school cocktail party, choose a few areas to deck out with theme decorations. For example, get a few large glass vases and fill them with red apples, then place them around your event venue or use them as table center pieces. Additionally, you could create hanging paper chains to make a curtain or decorative area for your party.

    Gift Bags

    Say goodbye to your guests by giving them a cute gift bag to take home. Stock it with apple-shaped post-it notes and apple-shaped key chains. You could also buy reusable totes so they can keep the bag long after the party is over. Give them something sweet in the gift bag as well, such as apple cake pops or caramel apples. Finally, print out some thank you notes with cute school related decorations (business cards work great for these) and stick them in the gift bag.

    What other ideas do you have for a back to school cocktail party? Feel free to share with us by leaving a comment below, on Facebook or Twitter!