Best Bite-Sized Appetizers for a Party

    Planning a party? Your choice in appetizers can make or break the event! Keep your party-goers happy by preparing lots of popular appetizer choices. Here are just a few ideas that you can use for your next corporate event or social gathering.

    Cheese Cubes

    Simple yet delicious! As a tip, spring for the more expensive cheeses. No one wants to eat cheap cheese on a toothpick. You want the flavor to pop in your mouth! Check out smaller specialty food marts to find the best cheeses in your area. Cube them and stick them on toothpicks, arrange them nicely on a serving platter and voila!

    Mini Egg Rolls

    High-quality products are important for this appetizer choice as well. If you hiring a catering company to help you take care of your guests, make sure you specify that you want them to bring egg rolls to the event space. If you are hosting a large party, make sure the egg rolls are fairly small in size so that you have enough to serve everyone. If it’s a more intimate gathering, you can make them a bit bigger for your guests. It’s best if you make these vegetarian just so that you can accommodate everyone. However, if you decide to make chicken egg rolls, just make sure to label them clearly.

    Fresh Veggies and Dip

    Broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and dip. This remains a popular appetizer year after year because it’s tasty, inexpensive and easy to prepare. If you want to mix it up from the traditional appetizer, try local produce that is fresh and in season. Visit your nearest farmers market and buy whatever looks the most appealing. You can also change up the dip by offering a lighter sauce such as honey mustard or raspberry vinaigrette. This dish is best served with mini plates so guests can carry it around as they mingle.

    Bruschetta Bites

    Bruschetta bites are excellent bite-sized appetizers! One of the best parts of Bruschetta bites is that they usually taste best on day-old bread. All you need to concoct these tasty treats is bread, olive oil, tomatoes, garlic, salt and pepper. Make sure they are thoroughly toasted for the best flavor. As a tip, you can rub the bread rounds with garlic before toasting so that the garlic is fully infused into each bite. Yum!

    Pizza Bites

    It’s best to serve some hot and cold appetizers to accommodate everyone at your event venue. These pizza bites are sure to be a hit for those looking to snack on something hot! Ask your catering company to bring these to the event on a nice serving platter, possibly even with toothpicks on each bite to make it easier for guests to eat. Making them yourself? Simply make a very thin crust pizza, cut into rectangular shapes, roll up and bake in the oven until golden-brown. If making one with meat, be sure to mark them clearly so that the vegetarians in your life can choose wisely.

    What are your favorite bite-sized appetizers? What are you serving at your next corporate event or social gathering? Let us know by leaving a comment below, on Facebook or Twitter.