Best Party Games for Kids

    Children's parties can either be grand successes or total disasters. Finding something for a child to do is incredibly difficult. Don't let yourself struggle with the next party you throw! Here are ideas for your child's next party to keep the kids occupied!

    Kids Ages 3-5

    This is a young age and parties for this age group can be demanding, messy and aggravating. To keep kids busy, lay out blocks, play dough and bubbles for them to play with! Hire a babysitter or have an older child (over age 12 so that they are able to deal with potential disasters) to help the kids get started! Games like "pin the tail on the donkey" and "musical chairs" are fun for kids and will give them events to look forward to throughout the party. For something simpler, lay out a sheet of butcher paper across a picnic table and empty a few boxes of washable crayons and/or markers. Crayola makes a safe, fun and colorful art supplies that wash out beautifully. This will keep them busy for hours, if not days!

    Kids Ages 6-8

    This age group is a little older and more mature, so introducing board games is an option, so long as an adult is supervising. Again, hiring a babysitter is a great option so that you can relax and even participate without having to worry about other kids wreaking havoc on your living room or choking on a Monopoly figure. For this age bracket, games like freeze tag, musical chairs, hot potato and simon says are all active, fun options!

    Kids Ages 9-10

    This is a tougher crowd to please. Bubbles no longer cut it with these punks. The solution? A balloon pop. This game is active, competitive and naturally, completely absurd. Blow up balloons with air (no helium required!) a little ways up, but not to full size. Pile balloons up and have the kids stand in a line facing the pile. Each child has to pop as many balloons as they can with their own body weight. Have someone keep count for each child. The most fun part for kids is figuring out ways to pop balloons! They can sit on them, step on them, lay on them, etc. They will love the fast pace of the game! Have a prize for each kid, no matter who actually "wins." This way you avoid tears and other tantrums. A water balloon toss is also a good idea, especially for summer, for kids in this age group. Make sure you have towels on hand to let kids dry off!

    Kids Ages 11 and up

    This is an even more difficult group to handle. Chances are, they dread the birthday parties of their recent pasts due to strings of monotonous activities "little kids" play. The number one rule is safety, immediately followed by cool factor. Red Rover is a great game for kids to play, so long as they are being supervised. Two teams of kids stand a few yards apart with linked arms. Individuals take turns trying to break through the linked arms of others. BE SURE to have them play on a lawn or in a park where the kids are in an open space where no one can trip or run into picnic tables or jungle gyms. Letting kids this age socialize and sip soda or eat candy is also a good option. When they reach this age, telling kids what to do during a party sometimes causes more harm than good.

    Still Feeling Stressed?

    If you're still having doubts as to whether or not your child will like the activities you planned, you're probably going to throw the worst party ever. Kidding! Ask your boy or girl what THEY want to play at their party! They may bring up a game at a fun party they attended in the past few months. Make your job as easy for yourself as you can! And if all else fails, classic games like aPiñatasmash or Limbo are ones that every kid has heard of and looks forward to at a birthday party!