Birthday Theme Parties: 70s

    Bust out your disco ball and roller skates because it’s time to talk about 70s birthday theme parties! The 1970s was an interesting decade full of funky fashion and music, just a few of the reasons why it remains a popular choice for theme parties. Check out these ideas to inspire you for your next 70s birthday theme party!


    There are so many options to choose from when decorating for a 70s theme party. Will you go for a disco theme, psychedelic hippy theme, funky theme, or a little bit of all three? Whatever you decide, make sure your decorations come across authentic within your event space. Hang some tie dye flag banners around the main room and find plates in the shape of vinyl records to serve your guests. Hang disco balls from the ceiling and blow up balloons in classic 70s colors like green and orange. Throw in some lava lamps and black lights and you’re set!


    If you’re going to have a professional make your cake, you can bring in photos of what you’d like the cake to look like so they can come up with a design to your liking. Disco balls, peace signs, and vinyl records are great motifs to bring home the 70s theme. Once you have the cake decorations decided on, you can then decide whether to make the cake chocolate, vanilla, or anything else that suits your fancy!


    Nothing signifies a decade more than the music, and the 70s are no different. From Jimi Hendrix and the Jackson 5 to Eric Clapton and Led Zeppelin, your options are practically endless when it comes to your 70s party playlist. If you’re going to have a dance floor in your event venue, you’ll probably want to play a lot of disco, but if it’s more of a low key shindig, you may want to stick to the classic rock tunes.


    Some classic food dishes from the 70s include meatballs, olive cheese balls, and party sandwich loafs, to name a few. For appetizers, serve shrimp and sour cream dip as well as sun-dried tomato and cheese dip with toasted rounds. You can also come up with fun names for your dishes such as "CHiPS and dip," "Watergate salad," and "Charlie's Angels food cake." For more recipe ideas, check out Betty Crocker’s 70s Theme Party Retro Food Recipes.

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