Bridal Shower Ideas

    As a wedding approaches, so does the bridal shower. Whether or not you're going with more traditional themes or spicing it up, we've got some great bridal shower ideas for a bridal shower you will never forget. Check them out!

    Mustache Themed Bridal Shower

    What better way to celebrate their upcoming nuptials than to shower your bride with a Mustache themed bash!

    From mustache cupcakes to mustache props for your photo booth, a mustache themed party is a fun way to celebrate your brides favorite thing of the moment, her man! Add a few mustaches on wine bottles, glasses, and utensils and play pin the mustache on the groom with the girls for a hilarious game! Be sure to include a fun prize for the winner.

    Up in the Bridal Shower

    Movies are a hot bed of inspiration in terms of love and romance. Why not use a romantic film as your bridal shower theme? Choose from classics like The Notebook or go with a sweet Pixar film, like Up, using the film as inspiration for décor or activities. As long as you use the bride's favorite movie, your bridal shower is sure to be a hit.

    Paris Themed Bridal Shower

    Destination weddings are exotic, so why can't your bridal shower be the same? One of the best bridal shower ideas is tailoring your party to the city of love itself: Paris! Shower your bride with a Parisian themed bash filled with all kinds of goodies from Paris. Fill the event with macaroons and other french patisseries, mini Eiffel Towers, and even a French mani/pedi station! For an extra touch of elegance, fill the room with black and white photography of the city.

    What are some of your favorite bridal shower ideas? Share with us below or on Facebook or Twitter