Camping Parties

    Memorial Day is here marking the beginning of summer, and weekend getaways and camping trips are always a big trend on the list of summer to-dos. Whether you enjoy camping or not, hosting a party with a camping theme is a fun twist on an outdoor, summer party, giving off the look and feel of a real campsite. There are many things you can do to transform your event location from an outdoor backyard to the middle of the woods and give your guests a party they will always remember!

    Fire Pits

    No campsite is complete without fire pits. If your backyard or event location does not have a built-in fire pit, portable ones are also available for purchase. Your guests will gather around the fire, sing songs, make s'mores, and feel completely transported as though they were in the woods.

    Fishing Pond

    A classic camping activity is fishing. If there is a pond in your outdoor venue or if you can create a pond-like structure, this would be the perfect activity for your partygoers. You can even put fish in the water and set up fishing poles for people to fish! Or if you don't have a pond, set up a fishing game. This is especially fun if you are planning on having a kid friendly party.

    Theme Tents in the Yard

    You are not quite roughing it if you are not staying in a tent. If your party is a sleepover for kids or just a summer evening extravaganza, you could set some tents up. A fun spin on having tents would be to make each tent have a different theme or a different activity. You can even incorporate arts and crafts into the party and assign a different craft to each tent, giving your partygoers the ability to choose which activity they want to do. Just place the materials in the tents and you are all set.

    S'more Party Favors

    Everyone loves leaving a party with a small treat. An easy party favor for a camping party would be an individual s'more building pack. All you need is a chocolate bar, two marshmallows, two graham crackers, wrap them up in a decorated bag and they are ready for enjoyment!

    Mason Jar Décor/Cups

    If you truly want your party to be in the camping spirit, some of your kitchenware should have that outdoorsy feel. Mason jars are not only incredibly popular right now, but they also make the perfect cups for a party. You can also use the extra mason jars to make lights or candles to decorate!

    Have you ever thrown a camping party? What were some of the decorations and activities at your party? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter. Check out our graduation post for more summer party ideas!