Candyland Themed Birthday Party

    Birthday parties are the best time for fun themes!

    Here are some ideas for making a great party with a classic- Candyland!

    1. Invitations. We all know that your party starts when your invitation arrives! Make sure you capture the fun with a colorful theme on the invite. Include a colorful trail of squares along the border to really make it feel like the game. Tape a lollipop to it and you’ll really sweeten up the message!

    2. Tasty Balloons. Wrap colorful balloons in cellophane, twist the edges and you’ll create giant-sized candies. Attach them to Styrofoam poles and instantly make life-sized lollipops. Line a pathway, tape them to a wall or make colorful candy bunches. Just be careful none of your guests try to eat them!

    3. Cake. Cake is obviously the highlight of any birthday party so be sure to decorate it to the max! Use iconic colored squares, gumdrops, lollipops, mints, and candy canes! The more colorful the better. Get creative by recreating the actual game board and allow your guests to decorate with candy available on tables.

    4. Candy. Oh yeah, the best part: candy! Make sure your party is plentiful with sweets and you’ll nail this theme. A candy buffet with goodies in bowls, gumball machines, candy bags, and make your own candy necklace tools will win over any crowd. Top it off with a small mason jar full of colorful jellybeans for guests to take home. Want to add a hint of humor and health tip? Attach some cupcake flavored floss to help get out the sticky goodies!

    The possibilities are endless with this fun theme! Whatever you do, make sure you add color and some sweet goodies and your event will be a hit!

    What suggestions do you have to make an awesome Candyland Birthday Party? Let us know below or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter!