Catch My Party’s Five Simple Tips for Throwing a Memorable Party

    Hi, I'm Jillian, founder of Catch My Party, a parties ideas and photo sharing site. Our goal at Catch My Party is to empower anyone to throw a fantastic party without having to spend a ton of time or a ton of money.

    For someone who lives and breathes parties, there's nothing I like more than helping others with planning events. So here are my five simple tips for throwing a party people will remember.

    TIP 1 -- Use free party printables to decorate your party. 

    We love free party printables at Catch My Party! These are downloadable files you can print out, cut out, and decorate with. It's an easy way to add that level of polish to your event. Take a look at the free printables we offer on our site.

    We have over a hundred holiday, birthday, bridal shower, and baby shower collections to take a look at. And the best part is you don't have to be "crafty" to use them, you just need a pair of scissors and a glue stick.

    Here are some of my favorite collections:

    TIP 2 -- Create a focal point at your party with a dessert table. 

    Dessert tables are a fun way to get people excited at your party because who doesn't love dessert, talk about anticipation... They're not very hard to pull off and you can even use store-bought desserts to fill out your table. Here are my top tips on creating a memorable dessert table.

    Tip 3 -- Create an interesting DIY food or drink bar. 

    Food and drink bars are all the rage right now. They are fun for your guests, plus your guests get to have their food and drink THEIR way. Some of our favorites are: taco bars, chili bars, hamburger bars, mimosa bars, s'more bars, and caramel apple bars.

    Tip 4 -- Photo booths help your guests loosen up! 

    Tack up a sheet on the wall, pull together some fun props, grab your camera, and you've got yourself a homemade photo booth. We offer these fun lip and mustache photo booth printables that you can download, print out, and glue to wooden skewers to have your guests use. You'll be amazed at how many people will partake and how goofy the whole thing will be.

    Tip 5 -- Give away something edible as a party favor.

    If you're looking for a party favor that you know your guests will enjoy, we recommend giving out something sweet and edible. Personalized sugar cookies are always a great way to go or even cake pops. The goal is to give your guests something delicious they'll want to eat on the ride home.

    Thanks for letting me share some of my favorite party tips with you. If you need more party ideas and inspiration check out our site and Facebook page. We're here to help!