Catering Chaos: Prevent Rather Than Cure


    When planning your big event, remember that most guests will judge a big part of their enjoyment based on the food provided. So, to make sure your caterers hit the right notes, here are some tips to check with them before you make your final hire decision.


    Dress Code:

    Ask how the staff will be dressed. You may wish for a certain type of dress code in a minimalist space in an up and coming neighborhood, and an entirely different one in a more formal setting. The look you are after is entirely up to you, but checking that your catering staff fit into it is a good first step.

    Signature Meals:

    Every catering company has different specialties. This, similarly, helps to set the tone for your event, while letting you know what this caterer really excels at. This gives both you and the caterer a chance to put your best foot forwards with regards to the food for your event. 

    Rental Inclusion:

    Check whether there are any associated costs with hiring the caterers that are not included in their quote price: this can make a huge difference to the final cost.


    There will always be guests who have not provided you with dietary requirements, but may at the last minute request a vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free or any other kind of meal. You need to discuss with the caterer and ensure that they have prepared for this scenario, in a stringent and safe manner.


    Make sure they have all the adequate health licenses to serve food in the type of venue you have hired and to the number of guests.

    There are many aspects involved in choosing your caterer, but following these steps help to make sure you get no nasty surprises on the day.