Celebrating the Chinese New Year!

    Chinese New Year 2013 falls on Sunday, February 10th. It is the most important traditional Chinese holiday and is celebrated worldwide. How will you be celebrating this year? Here are some tips on how to throw a great Chinese New Year party!

    Choose the perfect party venue. Pick a place that resonates with the theme of your party and can easily hold all your attendees. Whether you choose a sprawling mansion in LA, a cute loft in Manhattan or elsewhere, make sure your hot spot has all the space and amenities you will need to throw a great Chinese New Year’s bash.

    Bring the food and beverages. If you are planning on hosting a large event you’ll want to hire some caterers and bar tenders to help serve your guests food and drink. Hosting a more intimate gathering? Try cooking up your favorite Asian-inspired recipe or better yet, ask your party-goers to bring a dish along with them for a fuss-free pot luck celebration. Just make sure your event venue has the kitchen and/or counter space needed for all the yummy treats.

    Select the music. Live band? Pandora played on iPhone speaker docs? Whatever the case may be, choose lively and uplifting music to go along with this fun holiday party. Mix it up between your favorite genres or even take requests from your party goers! If you’re shooting for a mellow and sophisticate night, try jazz, classical or blues. Want to liven it up a bit? Play some pop music and watch as people put on their dancing shoes and hit the floor.

    Decide how else to entertain your guests. Here’s a tip – plan some fun games or activities for your party so that people don’t get bored. Watch the festivals and street parades going on around the world to add a little cheer to your evening. Alternatively, you could do a gift exchange with party goers or share your Chinese New Year resolutions!

    How are you celebrating Chinese New Year this year? Any more tips to add to the list? Feel free to share with us in the comments below, on Facebook or Twitter.