Client Engaging Ideas

    When you want to take a client out to impress them, sometimes it can be hard to decide what to actually do with them, especially if you don’t yet know them very well. Here are some tips on where to take a client, old or new, to help bond and form loyal business arrangements.

    Wine Tasting
    Everyone knows that to appreciate a good wine, you have to understand its flavors. A great way to get to know a client is to take them on a wine (or beer) tasting course in which you learn together how to differentiate wines. It’s fun, and you both get something out of it – aside from your business relationship.

    Take your client to a well-reviewed musical – it’s a given for enjoyment. This is family-friendly, too, so they can bring their kids along, winning you big points for keeping everybody happy, and avoiding your client having to pay a babysitter while you take them out.

    If you’re not sure what type of music they like, find a festival to serve all tastes. There will be a variety of musicians performing, so you’re bound to find one they like. On top of this, festivals serve great food usually, and the atmosphere is excellent.

    Send Over an Ice Cream
    On a hot summer’s day, sending over ice creams for the employees of your client will definitely go down a treat, and keep customers loyal to your brand. It could make their day!

    Sporting Events
    The oldest trick in the book, but it works. Take your client to see their favorite team, buy them a beer and a burger and soon you’ll be getting along like a house on fire.

    Throw a Poolside Party
    If you don’t own a pool, then you can hire out somewhere that does. This means you get to entertain all of your clients at once! Provide some hors d'oeuvres, music and alcohol – maybe even a special cocktail bar – and then your clients get an opportunity to network with each other, while showing them a great time.

    Make sure to check out what your clients actually enjoy doing, and try and keep it fresh and original. There are only so many people who love to play golf!