Company Bonding

    Nothing bonds a company quite like adventurous activities, and we have a wide range of venues that also feature hands on activities. These activities can promote teamwork within a company and build relationships outside of the office that work to create synergy. These are a few of our favorite active venues that will create a unique and memorable experience for any company.

    1. Omescape, NY

    NYC biggest Hi-Tech real life escape room game that is perfect for private team building. Omescape customizes the game to your needs and to enhance your group’s teamwork. Unique space and experience.

    2. City Winery New York

    City Winery is a unique facility that infuses a fully functioning Winery with an intimate concert and event space. They offer food & wine classes and other programs including hands-on wine blending with our winemaking team. City Winery provides a state of the art audio and visual system to accommodate all of their client’s needs.

    3. Believe Fitness Studio, CA

    This flexible open space is available for daytime, evening, and weekend rental. Great space for dance or aerial art classes or artistic workshops. By removing equipment and padded floor, the space can be used for other formal or informal events.

    4. Paddle House, CA

    Paddle house gives you a beautiful, relaxing lounge right on the international boardwalk in redondo beach. The clubhouse is steps away from the shaded, private launch slip, and also features a yoga studio and relaxing sauna. Makes Stand-up paddle easy for you and your group, and a perfect day on the water.

    5. Rivers Casino, IL

    Experience the versatile space that is Rivers Casino, perfect for both social and professional gatherings. Complete with customized menus, entertainment, over 1,000 slot machines and over 50 table games, Rivers Casino offers an experience unlike any other in Chicagoland.

    6. SPiN New York

    SPiN New York is an international network of ping-pong social clubs providing consumers with an alternative to the status quo and an outlet for those who prefer to share experiences with others during any event ranging from holiday parties to fundraisers.

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