Corporate Bonding Ideas

    Let me ask you this: do you like to participate in “team building exercises” or “corporate bonding?” Odds are you don’t – in fact, many people find these activities tedious and boring, an absurd waste of time and even an insult to your mature adult sensibilities. However, managers around the country continue to engage in corporate bonding because, believe it or not, it is an essential element of the office’s general atmosphere. When co-workers are bonded together through common interests and experiences, the workday is more effective and pleasant (and who doesn’t want that?) So how do you facilitate office bonding without making everyone take hands for a human knot? Follow these simple, yet often-overlooked guidelines and watch your workers become fast friends!

    Unique Company Outings: Corporate bonding and team building is, as we’ve said, of paramount importance when it comes to the workplace. We all need to be reminded how to work together sometimes, regardless of the type of business we run: startups, well-established companies, brand new teams, or groups who’ve been together forever. But when it’s time to get to bonding, there are two choices you can make: focus on old, tired out office games, or you can do something a little more exciting. Try something out of the box with your bonding activities, an outing that your team might not expect. Trust me, they’ll appreciate the change of pace.

    Acting Like Adults: When it comes to corporate bonding the age of your employees is the elephant in the room. And this isn’t just because of Jane in Accounting who is desperate to stay 35 forever; many managers’ desire to be cost-effective results in a cheap, slap-dash company-bonding plan. As a result, fully grown men and women find themselves sitting around a table in suits and ties, playing the same “getting to know you” games they learned in elementary school (which weren’t even that fun then). If you want your office to act like adults, treat them as such! Host an event at a swanky restaurant, or throw a monthly (or bi-monthly) dinner for your employees. And don’t worry, this doesn’t have to cost too much – it really is the thought that counts, showing your staff that they aren’t just kids in your eyes.

    Look Out For Likes and Dislikes: As a manager or team leader, one of the keys to corporate bonding is to encourage your team’s natural common ground. Yes, they all work together, and they’re all six degrees from Kevin Bacon (I think that’s how it works), but there’s go to be something more that lead them to this crossed path in the office. Getting to know your team better can result in your facilitating these discoveries; if you happen to know that Bob is an authority on Russian literature, and you hear Karen discussing seeing Anna Karenina over the weekend, perhaps you can suggest they discuss it later on. This turns a group of people who share an office (not necessarily by choice) into a group of people who know each other, care about each other, and will help each other with their work. Everybody wins!

    Incorporating these methods into your company culture will do more than make your workers get along – it will also improve their relationship with you, creating an office where most everyone feels appreciated, and excited to pay it forward with quick, quality work!

    Have your bosses over the years made your office feel like a family? Did they do it in a way you weren’t expecting? Tell us your story in the comments below, and don’t forget to stop by our Facebook and Twitter pages to see what’s new in the world of corporate event planning!