Corporate Party Themes: 3 Unique Holiday Party Ideas

    The annual corporate holiday party can become monotonous if you aren’t careful. It happens every year, after all. The same old people, celebrating another year of the same old work, in the same old place, with the same old theme and the same old food and decorations. Right? Wrong.

    Your corporate party can be a smashing success if you do it right, and it all starts with the perfect theme. Toss “Winter Wonderland” out the window and try something new, something your employees have never seen before. An outside-the-box theme will not only make your party more enjoyable and memorable, it will be a great way to get your company excited about the upcoming year! In planning for your upcoming corporate holiday party, try one of these unique themes to make this year's corporate party a stand-out one:

    Giving Back: We all know the holidays are about giving, not getting. But how often do we put that into practice, especially when it comes to our lavish holiday parties? Some companies like Xactly Corporation wanted to really get into the spirit of generosity last year. In lieu of a big holiday party, they invited all the employees to participate in a silent auction, and then donated all the money that was raised during the event to a local charity.

    This sort of event is easy to plan, great for company morale and public image, and a fun way for everyone to celebrate the holiday season. You can even offer employees the chance to donate items for auction, so they can doubly get into the giving mentality. Coworkers and guests will love the event and the holiday spirit behind it, sending you all into the New Year with bright smiles and cheerful hearts!

    Start a Tradition: Every family has their own special holiday tradition, so why shouldn’t your office family have one too? Ask your coworkers to submit some of their favorite holiday traditions growing up in the weeks prior to your event, and then find a fun way to revamp them for the annual party!

    If Lisa in Accounting fondly remembers watching It’s a Wonderful Life and burning the Yule log, maybe project the film on a screen during the event, and have a log ready to burn (if your venue allows for it, of course). Bob from I.T. really misses his grandmother’s Sufganiyot, you say? Try to get a dozen mixed in at the dessert station.

    Of course, this idea is a little more ambitious, so try not to get too overwhelmed by every single holiday tradition. Notice the trends or similarities and go from there. Those homey touches at your party will make it that much warmer, leaving your guests and coworkers with that holiday cheer long after the party is over.

    Celebrate Success: Wagon-Production Company Radio Flyer celebrates the end of each year with a “12 Successes of The Year” event, complete with a personalized song (to the tune of “The 12 Days of Christmas”). Their holiday party is part celebration, part awards ceremony, giving due recognition to their hard-working and dedicated team. A winning combination, don't you think?

    While you may not have the time to write a whole musical homage to your company, you can spend the holiday party showing everyone your appreciation. Have an awards show as part of your event (this works if your party is formal or casual). Invite employees and their families, maybe even some of your VIP clients, and take time to acknowledge how great your team is. This will really boost morale as you start the next year. Perhaps you'll even inspire creativity and hard work at the office, benefitting your overall office atmosphere!

    When it comes to corporate holiday parties, things don’t have to be dull and bland. You can really take things to the next level with something as simple as a unique theme. So put on your thinking caps and take a step outside the box this year. The staff will love your ingenuity, so much so that hopefully they'll still be talking about that epic holiday party for years to come.

    These corporate party themes are fun, but are they right for you? Share your ideas in the comments below! Is your budget lower this year for your corporate party? Check out our post on cutting costs. And for more advice on holiday party planning, as well as tips for the perfect wedding, birthday party, or baby shower, visit Eventup on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!