Creative Corporate Outing Ideas

    Company outings can go one of two ways: brilliantly or terribly. At its best, your outing will strengthen co-worker relationships, renew passion for the company or project, and inspire brainstorming sessions that lead to greater creativity and productivity. At its worst, it’ll be more awkward and alienating than that episode of Parks and Recreation when they all went camping (you know the one). Spending time with your coworkers outside of work is, in fact, an excellent way to alleviate work-related stress and create a more pleasant office environment, and there are plenty of great ways to do it!

    Surprise Your Staff: Face it, eight hours is a very long time, and sometimes you just need a break. So why not take one, and give everyone else one too with a spontaneous company party? Send out an email blast (“Karaoke in the lobby! 3pm!”) and have a quick escape from all the hustle and bustle of the office. Companies like StumbleUpon and Foursquare use this system, and they’ve found it improves morale and sparks innovation. Who doesn’t want that?

    Be Entertained: There’s a reason you ask people about their favorite bands and movies on a first date – people connect around mutual interests, and there’s nothing we love more than great entertainment. Start some company bonds by taking everyone to a comedy club, movie, or concert. And don’t worry, you won’t have to break the bank to do it: even the biggest concerts offer cheap lawn seats, and group rates are usually available to larger parties. Once you get everybody laughing or dancing together, the possibilities for better work relations are endless.

    Do Good Deeds: Everyone can get behind a noble cause, and working together for a charity or non-profit is a great way to create memories and do your part. Participate in a beach clean up, or help repaint an old school. These are typically all-day events, which means your team will have ample time to talk and bond. Also, having a strong presence in charitable efforts is a great morale booster for an office – not to mention a great image boost for your company as a whole!

    Get Physical: This last idea is one that you might have to feel out first, as it could easily become a torturous experience for your less active employees. However, exercising together is a fun way to enjoy the outdoors and have a good time together. Sign up your team for a local fun run (make a walking team and a running team), or simply take a hike at a scenic trail near your office. Everyone can get some exercise (and the endorphins that come along with it) and have a chance to get to know each other a little better.

    What sort of outings have you been on for a job? How did it affect the workplace afterward? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook and Twitter!