Delicious, Easy Cocktail Ideas for your Bridal Shower

    Here comes the bride, and with a wedding always comes a fun bridal shower, at a great location, with lots of delicious food and cocktails! Sure, you can serve lemon drops and plain champagne, but why not get creative with your cocktails and mix some things together? Here are some delicious and easy cocktail ideas for your bridal shower that we guarantee you will love!

    Sangria. This dark red delicious cocktail will make your guests' mouths water at your shower! It's perfect for a nice day, and with spring rolling around the corner, sangria is great for a spring bridal shower at an outdoor venue! You can make sangria yourself, and it won't be too pricey. A cheap bottle of wine will do.. your guests won't know the difference! Decide how dark of a wine you want, and get creative! Decorate your pitcher any way that you want, and fill it with the delicious cocktail!

    Sparkling Mojito Martinis.  Who doesn't love a mojito? How about one filled with mint, citrus, carbonation, and a little vodka? Make this special cocktail even more special by adding some lemon/lime juice to the top of the martini glass for extra flavor. The mint leaves with the citrus will make for a delicious sparkling mojito martini.

    Pomegranate Champagne. Add some flavor to your champagne by making this delicious cocktail. All you need is a little liquor, champagne, and pomegranate juice, and it'll come out with not only a great taste, but also a really great color! Make it look more presentable with some pomegranate seeds sprinkled on the top of the drink!

    The Mr. and Mrs. Drink. What are you and your spouse-to-be's favorite cocktails? Mix together a few of your favorite drink recipes to make a creative and special cocktail that you are sure to enjoy. You'll remember it forever, and you can name it whatever you want!

    Don't bend over backwards about your cocktail selection for your bridal shower, but try to think outside the box and combine some different drinks and cocktail recipes! Whatever you choose, your guests are sure to enjoy, especially if you make them try new things that they've never tried before! Let us know how these easy-to-make cocktails worked out for you by leaving a comment below, or on Facebook or Twitter!