Ditch the Stress of Planning Your Next Event


    Feeling stressed and overwhelmed by your latest upcoming event? Have you noticed yourself running all over the place and missing deadlines? EVENTup has a few tips and tricks to stay motivated by erasing outside stressors before your next event. Planning an event can be exciting and rewarding, but it can also be overwhelming and stressful. It is important to take care of your well being and mental health in order to ensure your event will be executed smoothly.


    Create a “realistic” timeline - Do you have deadlines right around the corner and still have a list of tasks to complete? You can avoid this problem by organizing projects in a realistic time frame. We tend to think we can achieve more than we actually can in a time span. It is important to align the priorities and plan ahead on how long goals will take to reach. Remember never to over promise and under deliver.

    Take a walk - When you’re starting to feel overwhelmed and overworked, step away from your work and grab some fresh air to clear your head.  (too long still)Removing yourself from chaos and projects can give you a minute to spark some new ideas.  Walking is known for improving creativity, so step it out! 

    Have some “ME” time - Make sure you don’t forget about making time for the hobbies and activities you enjoy. An event should be part of your life, but not the entire show. Make time within your day to focus on yourself and reflect on all you’ve accomplished.

    Stay Healthy - Sometimes we run ourselves down without even knowing it. It is very important not to over do our bodies with coffee, energy supplements, and processed foods. Exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a challenge, but will be beneficial not only for yourself but your upcoming events!