Cut Costs with DIY Centerpieces

    The average cost of a wedding in the united states is $31,213 and in a survey conducted by The Knot, roughly 7% of this budget is spent on flowers (Value Penguin). With the venue, the food, decor, photographer, etc. spending for your wedding can get overwhelming. We put our novice skills to the test and decided to see if we could give a wedding the florist’s touch for a fraction of the cost. The entire project, for 20 centerpieces as well as small decorative florals and bouquets cost us around $700. Using the survey conducted by The Knot, this cuts the floral budget from 7% of the budget to roughly 2% of your budget leaving room for other things. Check out the steps below:

    Order your Supplies

    The first steps in DIYing your flowers is of course… preparation. You’ll Need:

    1.The Box

    We used this cute one from Etsy for $6.50 per box. You can also find something similar on Amazon.

    2. Floral Foam

    Step two is getting floral foam. You can get this on Amazon, the Oasis website itself, or at the wholesale florist you decide to go with.

    3. Wholesale Flowers

    This is the trickiest part. You’ll need to find a wholesaler in your area who can get your flowers for you on the big day. Most wholesalers will need you to put in your order 2-3 weeks in advance depending on the flowers and how many bunches you’re going to order. Call a few shops and get price quotes a few months out and ask for their time frame so you’re ready to go. For these specific centerpieces, we ordered white ranunculus, playa blanca, seeded eucalyptus, and white hydrangea. Ask your retailer how many blooms come in each bunch and that will help you stick to the right cost and not order too much. To give you an idea, for 20 centerpieces, we ordered 65 hydrangea blooms as well as 20 bunches in total of the other flowers and had a enough left over for 3 small bouquets. Most wholesalers will have a fridge so you can grab some extra flowers last minute.

    4. Calligraphy Wooden Numbers

    You’ll have to pick which style of table numbers you’ll want to get, check out our other blog post on table numbers for some inspiration. For this specific centerpiece we ordered wooden numbers off of Etsy and then spray painted them gold.

    Putting Them Together

    Now that you’ve got all your supplies, next step is putting everything together.

    1. Prep Floral Foam

    Do this up to 24 hours prior. Grab some scissors or a sharp knife and cut down your floral foam to fit inside of your flower boxes. Once at the correct size, soak the floral foam for up to 24 hours (we soaked ours for 8 hours and prepared all florals the night prior). To soak the foam, fill a tub with water and drop the bricks word side up and let them float down to the bottom on their own, do not press them down! Check out this video from Oasis for a visual representation.

    2. Start Arranging

    Once your foam is soaked fully, place them in your centerpiece boxes. For these, trim the hydrangea to a bit shorter than the floral foam box and start there. We used three hydrangea as the base flower per arrangement and then added other blooms to fill in, creating the look on a case by case basis. Finish by adding in the seeded eucalyptus to fill in. Check out this video for more guidance on how to place your blooms in the foam.

    3. Finishing Touches

    Once you’re satisfied with your flowers, place the table numbers in the center. Voila! You just finished creating your own centerpieces for half the price. In this scenario, with all supplies involved, the entire cost for florals was around $700.

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