DIY Mason Jars

    We have all gone through several mason jars in our lives. Whether it's from jelly for a PB & J or pasta sauce, we've definitely gotten rid of a few mason jars. But what about saving them and using them for your own DIY activity? Mason jars are great because they are inexpensive and can be easily transformed into many different things. Although they were once just used to preserve food, they have exploded onto the craft scene and become one of the most popular DIY activities. See some of the ideas below on how to use mason jars to spice up your next event!

    1. A fun and practical way to display food.

    Traditional salads can get boring, so why not mix it up and try serving already prepared salads in a mason jar at your next party? This is not only an attractive way of serving salad, but it is also a very convenient hostess trick. When properly prepared, salads in a mason jar can stay fresh for up to four days. To optimize the freshness of the salad be sure to start with the dressing at the bottom, this prevents the salad from withering and getting soggy. Next, layer whatever salad toppings you would like to use, such as cherry tomatoes and quinoa. The final layer should always be the lettuce, keeping it light and fresh. Before eating remember to shake and enjoy!

    2. A festive centerpiece.

    Try this quick and easy centerpiece idea to add a whimsical touch to your next party. You will need mason jars, ribbon or string, marbles, floating candles, and water. To begin, tie the ribbon or string you chose around the neck of the mason jar. Next, fill the bottom of the mason jar with marbles; get creative and feel free to add colored marbles. Once the marbles are in the jar pour water into the jar filling it about ¾ full. Finally, add the floating candle and light the wick. They can also make great favors to send home with guests!

    3. Unique beverage container.

    Think outside the box and go beyond regular drinking glasses. Doing something as simple as using a mason jar instead of your typical drinking container can brighten up your party and add that springy touch you’ve been longing for. Just fill with fresh lemonade, or your favorite beverage, and garnish with fresh fruit!

    Tip: If throwing a party on a sunny day, just screw the lid of the mason jar on and store in a bucket of ice to keep it cool.

    4. Hanging mason jar lantern or vase.

    Add a rustic touch to your party by adding your very own hanging mason jar lantern or vase. In order to begin you will need a mason jar, 20 gauge stainless wire, wire cutters, and whatever you want to fill it with. To begin, wrap the wire around the neck of the mason jar and twist to secure. Next, you will cut another piece of wire about 10 inches long (depending on how long you want the handle to be), loop it around the wire already on the neck, twist again to secure, and repeat on other side of the jar.

    Once the handle has been secured add your favorite array of flowers, or sand and a candle. Whatever you decide to fill it with, your hanging mason jar is sure to be a hit!

    Have you seen any other creative ways to reuse mason jars? Perhaps a fun kid's craft idea? Facebook, Twitter, or leave us a comment here!