DIY Party Bars: Desserts, Drinks, and Candy Buffet Ideas

    Looking for unique dessert and candy buffet ideas for your next party? We recently caught up with Jillian from Catch My Party, the ultimate party resource for any DIY celebration, to talk about one of the most recent party trends: DIY Party Bars! DIY Party Bars are great conversation starters and activity centers for all kinds of events: birthdays, weddings, and even corporate events. Check out our tips and tricks on how to execute a fabulous DIY party bar with a variety of desserts, drinks, and candy buffet ideas for your next party.

    Ice Cream Sundae Bar

    The ice cream sundae bar is great for hot summer days. Load up your table with all the ice cream toppers and fixings: chocolate sauce, sprinkles, cherries, and candy toppings.

    TIP: Scoop the ice cream into cups and put it in the freezer before the party for quick access and to reduce mess/hassle of scooping. You can even buy some freezer bowls to serve the individual scoops of ice cream in to keep the ice cream colder longer.

    Strawberry Shortcake Bar

    The simplicity of this idea makes it a great option when choosing DIY party bars. Get a large bowl and fill it with strawberries, set out some traditional toppings as well as some creative options such as pineapple and raisins. You can even add a sample menu to help your party goers decide what to create. This is a very appealing option for a hassle-free, low maintenance dessert bar!

    Mimosa Bar

    Perfect for any daytime party for adults. Load up on different types of juices as well as different types of champagne. Offer sparkling cider for kids and non-drinkers.

    TIP: Provide champagne glass charms for people to use so they don’t lose their glass in your event space.

    Bloody Mary Bar

    Take it to the next level with your Bloody Mary bar! Stock it with pickles, olives, celery, horseradish, hot sauce, or any other of your favorite ingredients, plus add some gourmet treats like bacon. Finally, add some snacks to compliment the drink like corn dogs or grilled cheese sandwiches.

    Cupcake Decorating Bar

    The cupcake decorating bar is perfect for bridal showers and baby showers as well as birthday parties. Make a bunch of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes (or any flavor you prefer), gather different types of icing and toppings like sprinkles or m&ms, and watch your guests go to town making their own cupcakes.

    TIP: Make a game out of it and give out awards for the most creative cupcake! You can even give your guests to-go containers so they can take some of the cupcakes home with them.

    S'mores Bar

    Perfect for summer beach parties or camping parties, the S'mores bar is sure to be a big hit at your next event. Load up your table with chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows. Get some extra fixings such as strawberries and bananas for a different twist. If you aren't going to have an actual campfire, you can set up a large rectangle on another table with stones and wood, then get a few oil candles and light them up down the center of your homemade fire pit. Offer skewer sticks so your guests can roast their marshmallows easily.

    Enchanted Candy Bar

    Get a bunch of mason jars and other festive glass jars (jam preserve jars have a wonderful, homey look to them) and fill them up with different types of candy. Provide brown bags so your guests can load them with candy and give them vintage twine to tie the bags up. You can also provide éclairs and other pastries for a bit of variety. If your party has a particular theme, try to purchase candy that ties into the theme in some way.

    Chocolate Fondue Bar

    Add a little bit of luxury to your next party by setting up a chocolate fondue bar in your event space. Get different types of chocolate and fruit and set up a few different stations so people can gather around together and chat while dipping their food in chocolate fondue.

    TIP: Add unique ingredients like bacon and waffles to spice up the traditional chocolate fondue faire.

    What other ideas do you have for DIY party bars? Feel free to share with by leaving a comment below, or on Facebook or Twitter.