DIY Party Decorations: Mason Jars and Wine Bottles

    Use Mason jars and wine bottles to create beautiful party and home décor! Check out our budget-friendly DIY party decorations you can use for your next party or event.

    Wine Bottle Kitchen Lights

    Does your kitchen area have unflattering lighting? These wine bottle kitchen lights will turn any old kitchen into a cute culinary space. All you need is a bottle cutter, decorative wire, and a few old bottles. Cut the bottles just below the neck and wrap them in wire to create a fun design of your choice. Then fit them with light bulbs and hang in your kitchen. Voila! Beautiful kitchen lighting using recycled wine bottles.

    Mason Jar Outdoor Lighting

    If you are using an outdoor event venue for your next party, you can easily light up the night with these Mason jar lights. Get blue and clear jars and fill them half full with sand and pebbles. Set a small candle in the center of each Mason jar. You can tie some from trees and use others to line walkways or light up dining tables.

    Beach Theme Decorations

    Want to bring the essence of the beach into your home or event space? Create a stunning window display or decorate an entryway table with coastal-inspired décor. Get a bunch of Mason jars and wine bottles in different sizes and styles. Wrap them in twine and glue seashells on a few. Fill some jars with fresh flowers and some with candles, shells, and sand. Look for ocean breeze scented candles to really bring home the beach theme.

    Chic Wine Jug Lamp

    Turn one of those empty wine jugs into a fun lamp. All you need to do is secure the electrical fixture onto the top and add a unique lamp shade! These lamps look excellent on night tables and entryway tables, and can also be used at parties to add extra lighting to any room.

    Indoor Garden

    Do you have a lightbox in your kitchen? Even if you just have a window sill, you can take Mason jars and fill them with your favorite herbs and other plants to create a cute little indoor garden! First, put a few large pebbles at the bottom of the jar, then add a little soil, plant your seeds, and lightly cover the soil with a thin layer of small pebbles.

    Do you have any more DIY party decorations to add to this list? Share with us by leaving a comment below, on Facebook or Twitter!

    Photo Credits: DIY Network