DIY Wedding Decorations

    Planning a wedding is not only a time-consuming process, it can also cost a good chunk of change. This is the reason why the DIY culture is becoming more and more popular, especially when it comes to planning certain wedding decorations. Once you have your wedding venue picked out, it is now time to start picking out and buying the décor for your special day. If you want your wedding to have the rustic, vintage feel, there are plenty of Pinterest-inspired, do-it-yourself projects for you to choose from. Here are some of our favorite DIY wedding decorations:

    Hanging Jar Vases

    After choosing an event venue for your wedding, the next step is to see where these beautiful and rustic hanging jar vases will be put. Using your favorite vases, thin rope or sturdy string, and your flower of choice, you can have beautiful décor for either your indoor or outdoor wedding. Hang them above tables, over the dance floor, or anywhere that fits your wedding venue best. What's great about this decoration is that you can do as little or as much as you would like and they look great at almost every location, inside and out.

    Vintage Bike

    Signage has been a big DIY trend this year, according to event planner Susan Tosounian. So if you are looking to post a sign in front of your event venue that welcomes your guests, consider pairing it with a vintage bicycle. Attaching a rustic wooden sign to a vintage bicycle is not only an easy way to decorate for your wedding, it is also extremely timeless and fashionable. You may also consider putting a sign up that gives a hashtag to your guests so they can use it for every photo they Instagram!

    Old Suitcase for Wedding Cards 

    Cards may not be as popular in regular day-to-day circumstances, but they are still a must for weddings. At the end of a wedding, the happy couple will not only have multiple presents to take home, but they will also have tons of cards. An old, vintage suitcase (see above) is the perfect remedy. Not only will you have an adorable decoration for your wedding, especially if your wedding has vintage undertones, but there is a quaint storage space for the all the cards you will receive on your special day.

    Wine Cork Place Card Holders

    It's all about the details when you're talking about DIY wedding decorations. Since most weddings have seating arrangements, get creative and create place card holders out of wine corks. If you don't have the time to save up a bunch of wine corks, you can also purchase them on Amazon or various craft stores. All you have to do is cut a small sliver in the top of the cork and insert the place card of your design. These place card holders are extremely affordable and easy to make, especially if you are short on time!

    Rose Water Ice Cubes + Buckets

    If you would like to place an ice bucket near the bar, mix it up with rose water ice cubes. All you would need to do is throw a few rose petals in your ice cube trays prior to pouring in the water to freeze. If you like, you can also throw in a few mini roses here and there. Once you have enough ice cubes and the wedding is about to start, you can toss them all in a nice, silver bucket and display them at the bar or even at the tables. Even though it's just ice, the rose petals give it an elegant flair and an added detail that your guests will appreciate.

    Have you been to or planned a wedding recently? Did you go with any DIY wedding decorations? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.