Dos and Don’ts of an Intimate Dinner Party

    Dinner parties are always exciting and fun for both the guest and the host, but there are many unspoken rules for these intimate social engagements. Whether you are the host or the guest, there are some things that you must know when planning or attending an intimate dinner party. Whether the dinner party is being held at a home or an event venue, there are a few dos and don'ts to remember:

    DO set a dress code. If hosting the party, make sure guests know how formal to be. If attending, make sure you adhere to the dress code that was given. If you are unsure, it never hurts to call up and ask the host.

    DON’T show up empty handed or late. Whether the host is expecting gifts or not, it is always nice to bring a bottle of wine or something of the sort to a dinner party. Additionally, make sure to be on time, since the host has probably planned a schedule. You definitely wouldn't want to be the person everyone is waiting on before they can eat!

    DO make sure your house is clean. If you are not hosting a dinner at an elegant event location, make sure your home is presentable to guests. Just because people are eating dinner in the dining room doesn't mean your guests won’t want a tour of your house if it is their first time visiting. On that note, make sure the bathroom is stocked with plenty of soap, hand towels, and more.

    DON’T take phone calls throughout the dinner party. Whether you are the host or the guest, unless it is another guest calling for help or directions, the interjection of ringtones and phone conversations will cause the dinner to lose its intimate appeal.

    DO dim the lights a little. Ambiance is very important when it comes to adjusting the intimacy of a dinner party. The dimmer, the more intimate. However, making the room too dim may cause food mix-ups and drowsiness so make sure it is set at a lighting you think everyone would be comfortable with.

    DON’T leave out people with dietary restrictions. If you are hosting the dinner, make sure to take note of your guests' food allergies. That is also applicable to drinks. It is smart to offer non-alcoholic beverages  for your friends who don't or cannot drink. If you are a guest, be sure to tell your host of your dietary restrictions when you RSVP.

    DO use your nice china. Using formal decor and dishes will convey the intimacy of the dinner and impress your guests.

    DON’T make the dinner party too large. Intimacy by its very nature implies a small group. If you invite too many guests it may become chaotic and be more of a party than an intimate gathering.

    DO choose calming and soft background music. Choose wisely; music is key to conveying the tone of your dinner party.

    Have you hosted an intimate dinner party? What are your dos and don'ts? What would you recommend? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter or Facebook.