Eco Transportation Ideas For Your Wedding by Pink Cloud 9

    Want to get to your wedding venue on time and in style with your bridal party and guests without making a huge impact on the environment? The wedding planning experts at Pink Cloud 9 give you their expert tips on eco transportation.

    Since transportation is one of the biggest sources of pollution related to your wedding day, all you need to cover this small, but very important aspect of your eco-transportation needs is a few essential points.

    Traditionally, white stretch limos have been the main vehicle of choice for the bride, groom, and bridal party. However, as brides are getting more contemporary; transportation is too! Whether you want that traditional entrance, or a fun and unique way to express your style, there are a lot of options for your eco wedding wheels:

    • Eco-Shuttle
    • Eco-Limo
    • Eco-Taxi
    • Party bus
    • Carriage
    • Vintage cars/trolleys
    • Bike/walk

    When looking to book transportation for you and your guests, keep in mind the environmental impact your choice will make. All vehicles (some more than others) release exhaust emissions and various chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Here are three simple suggestions that can help cut down on your wedding’s carbon footprint.

    1. Suggest on your invite for guests to consider carpooling.
    2. Limit the amount of travel and trips you make by having the same venue for your ceremony and reception.
    3. Provide hybrid or biodiesel Shuttle services for your guests (this can eliminate parking and valet costs as well)

    Rent a hybrid, electric, or compact vehicle for your wedding day transportation needs and be conscious of the carbon emissions being released.

    Do our tips and tricks change your transportation plans? Our Pink Cloud 9 team wants you to have the perfect (green) day.

    What are your eco ideas for your wedding? Tell us in the comments below, on Twitter, or on Facebook.