Engagement Party Ideas: Appetizers

    Engagement parties can sometimes be the most exciting part of the entire wedding process. It's more relaxed than the actual wedding day but with all the same love and excitement. The more calm and relaxed tone of the engagement party also calls for a casual food menu, like light appetizers. Check out some of these sweet engagement party ideas for appetizers for your next engagement party!

    Heart Shaped Tomato Bruschetta  

    Perfect for either a day time or night time engagement, this adorable and light snack is sure to suit all your guests, even the vegetarians in the room! This is also a great and easy recipe for those creating their own dishes in lieu of catering. Follow the link for a Bruschetta recipe!

    Individual and Personalized Fruit or Veggie Bouquets 

    A beautiful and healthy snack that is sure to please are these adorable fruit/veggie bouquets. Not only do these little snacks double as a colorful and fresh piece of decoration for your engagement party, it's also cost effective and easy to create. Make a few as centerpieces or create an individual one for each of your guests. If you know ahead of time what your guests' favorite fruits are, personalize them to each person! Add a personalized name tag and some ranch on the sides or whipped cream for the fruits for a little something extra!

    Another great quick and light snack are fruit kabobs! Also an easy dish to create, simply purchase long wooden sticks (i.e. for kabobs), chop up your favorite fruits to serve on the sticks, and serve in your favorite platter!

    A Specialized Cheese and Cracker Dish

    Cheese and crackers alone can be underwhelming. Spice up your cheese and cracker platter with a touch of loving details from the new couple. Pick cheeses from areas where the couple has traveled and include little pics with either the country's flag or the couple's vacation photos on top. Lay out a map on the platter and spread out the cheeses accordingly to tell a story about the couple's adventures. You can also print out a map on waxing paper (see below), spread it across a table at your engagement party and simply lay out the cheeses to tell the stories of your world trotting couple!

    Have any great engagement party ideas? What are some of your favorite party appetizers? Comment below or visit our Facebook or Twitter page!