Engaging Your Audience with Live Polling Systems

    Event planners across the country are excited about the latest advancements in live polling technology. Whether you are hosting a large corporate event or giving a speech at a fundraising dinner, live polling is a great way to engage your guests throughout the course of the event.

    One benefit of live polling is the ability to see the responses of everyone in attendance rather than only hearing the select few who are brave enough to raise their hand or call out their responses. Poll Everywhere is one of the most well-known live polling products on the market right now. Everyone from presenters, ad agencies, teachers, event planners, and more have used this product to engage with their audiences. It uses web technology to gather live responses in any event venue. It also works internationally with texting, web, and Twitter.

    One tip for event planners is to create a survey at the end of your event to get feedback on the event itself. What did your guests love about your party? Were there areas that could have used a bit of improvement? Depending on the type of event you are hosting, you can choose to have responses be anonymous or link them back to the individual for further insight into the answers.

    Using a live polling system can improve the attentiveness of your audience or guests. It can also increase knowledge retention and create an interactive and fun learning environment.

    Excitem is also a well-known audience interaction platform. You can quickly create a live poll where your live audience can text, call, Tweet, or post to vote. You can receive questions, comments, or other types of feedback from your audience as well as see a detailed analysis of all your data. Excitem will automatically post your poll directly to your Twitter and Facebook accounts for you too. Results are displayed dynamically and instantly shared with your audience.

    SMS Poll is another platform which makes it easy and fast to find out what your audience is thinking. It does not require any special hardware or software and they offer a variety of pricing packages to fit every budget. Whether you’re hosting thousands of guests in a stunning event space or entertaining a smaller group of corporate big-wigs at a dinner party, SMS Poll will help you keep your guests attention all night long.

    Have you ever used live polling before? What did you think of the results? Share with us in the comments section below, on Facebook or Twitter!