Event Inspiration: How to Throw an Oktoberfest Party

    What better way to celebrate October than with your very own Oktoberfest! The largest fair held in Germany can be brought into your very own home or event space with just a few minor touches. Check this little checklist below to create your very own Oktoberfest bash!

    Oktoberfest Themed Party Checklist

    1. Event Space 

    The original Oktoberfest lasts for a whopping 16 to 17 days, but that doesn't mean your event has to be! Whether you are hosting your very own Oktoberfest themed bash at home or at an event space, with the right elements put into your event, you can definitely fit 17 days of fun into one day or night.

    Choose a great event space such as The Beer Bar in Midtown New York to hold your very own Oktoberfest.

     Photo Credit: Eventup

    2. Decorations 

    For the perfect Oktoberfest party, fill your event space with German beer mugs as vases for flowers, Dirndl-dressed servers (traditional German dress) and even beer barrels as seating for your guests. If you are throwing an outdoor event, check out the Outdoor Art Club, perfect to set up your own tents to make for an even more authentic Oktoberfest party! Don't forget about the music! Hire a band to play, or play traditional wind music or Schlager music to complete the theme.

    Photo Credit: Eventup

    3. Food and Beverages 

    Perhaps the most important part of this event might just be the food and beverages. German Beers are a must along with traditional German foods such as Hendl or Chicken, Würstl (sausage), and pretzels. A great way to display the pretzels for your event is by hanging them up, making a great decoration! Use red string or ribbons to hang them up around your event for a festive touch.

    What are some of your Oktoberfest party ideas? Share with us by leaving a comment below or on Facebook or Twitter!