Eye Catching Event Invitations

    Regular invitations can get boring, so why not spice it up and opt for a more unique invitation? Invitations set the tone of the party and give guests a sneak peek into the event’s atmosphere. Don’t bore guests with an average invitation, but get them excited by using some of the fun and fresh invitation ideas we found below!

    1. Confetti Invitation

    Confetti invitations are perfect for children’s birthday parties or save the dates. They are fun, playful, and easy to make. All you need are some basic art supplies and a little hard work. This DIY invitation is memorable and will get your guests excited for whatever event you have in store for them!

    2. Invitation in a Bottle

    Are you having a tropical themed party? Or maybe you just love the beach? Don’t settle for using a blue and green color scheme. Wow your guests by sending them individual invitations in a bottle. Invitations in a bottle can be easily made or bought. This is a very unique and thoughtful idea that is sure to get your guests excited for the big day.

    3. Eco-chic Invitations

    Going green is in and what better way to save trees than by sending an e-vite? Save paper and customize your own beautiful invitation online. With environmentalism on the rise, there are many online data bases full of unique invitations that can easily be made and sent out on a short notice!

    Want to protect the environment, but still send a hard copy invitation? No worries. Go green by using recycled paper that is very practical and eco-chic.

    4. Inflatable Invitation

    Why do all the work yourself? Let your guests unravel the details of the event by blowing up a balloon containing the event information. Customize a balloon, attach it to an invitation, and send it out. This invitation is creative, interactive, and unforgettable!

    No matter what invitation you decide on, remember to order or make about 10 - 20 more than you think you need. This way you are prepared for last minute guests and any sort of mailing issue that might come up!

    Would you use these unique invitation ideas? Do you have any other additional thoughts? Tell us on Facebook, Twitter, or leave us a comment here!